Classic Non-Resident Account

For anyone with permanent residence abroad (non-residents) who expects more from their bank account than merely basic services.


  • Multi-currency account.

  • Payment of regular monthly obligations via standing orders and direct debits and SDD.

  • NLB Plus service for the automatic transfer of funds between accounts.

  • Option of receiving Security SMS messages.

  • Information regarding account balances via NLB SMS-Messaging Service and the NLB Automated Response System.

  • Monthly statement of account transactions.

Payment cards

For carefree cash transactions.

International BA Maestro payment card for non-cash payments and withdrawals from ATMs at home and abroad, and the option of using other payment cards.

Open an account

Opening a new account

Required documents:

  • Valid passport,
  • Confirmation of Slovenian tax number, and
  • Foreign tax number.

Signing of agreement:

  • You may open an account at any NLB branch or submit the requisite form via the internet.

Open an account

You can do everything necessary through us if you wish to transfer your business to NLB from another bank.

List of braches

Costs and interest rates

The monthly account management fee is 3.49 EURInterest rate0,01% per annum on positive balance.

Useful information


Skrita vsebina

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