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Design exhibition of Trio Sarajevo

17. November 2011 - 5. January 2012

The designer group Trio Sarajevo was founded in 1985 by Dalida and Bojan Hadžihalilović in co-operation with Lejla Mulabegović. Young graduates from the Sarajevo Academy of Fine Arts belonged to the generation raised in the era of punk and pop art and their studio was one of the most productive and original designer studios in the former Yugoslavia. They first became famous for the design of the album cover for Plavi orkestar.

In spite of many opportunities to work abroad, the trio decided to stay in Bosnia at the beginning of war, to warn about the situation of the besieged city by issuing a series of postcards "Regards from Sarajevo". Remakes of famous advertising and artistic designs, among other the logos of Coca-Cola and Absolut Vodka, Warhol's Campbell's Soup and Munch's The Scream, attracted a lot of attention in western capitals.

Their work was published by leading global media such as The Independent, The Guardian, Life Magazine and Newsweek. Already in 1989, the group expanded their studio into an agency, which gave birth to Fabrika that became the largest independent agency in the country by 2000, with the reputation and significance matching that of all large international advertising chains. The agency received numerous awards, among other at the international advertising festival in Portorož (1995), the Magdalena Festival (2004 and 2005) and the Sarajevo advertising festival No Limit (2004 and 2005).



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