Why Employment in NLB

Because We Invest in Knowledge

In the framework of its Training Centre, the NLB boasts a 40-year tradition of internal training of its employees. The trainings take various forms (in classrooms, individual e-trainings etc.) and are tailored to the needs and requirements of employees so that they can provide high-level services and perform quality work as is expected from them by the clients and a broader environment.

We also co-operate with external education institutions in Slovenia and abroad where our employees gain expert knowledge. We help our employees obtain undergraduate and postgraduate levels of education based on co-financing and in line with their planned development.

The result of all these activities is reflected also in the acknowledgements that the NLB received in the area of education:

  • TOP 10 - Educational Management in 2011, 2013 and 2014,
  • HRM Project in 2011 (1st place) and 2012 (3rd place).

Because We Create and Build Experience in Slovenia and Abroad

The NLB is part of the international environment and is an active stakeholder in the financial and broader social environment. All employees are actively involved in this, while also creating and exploiting various possibilities for personal development. Mentorship is a method for acquiring knowledge or competencies. It is a natural and efficient type of on-the-job training, aimed at improving different processes. Mentorship is actually proactive learning which is structured, planned and target-oriented. The aim of learning is to acquire specific and topical knowledge and competencies. Moreover, mentorship is also a process of work socialisation and acquainting of an individual with the corporate culture of an organisation. Mentorship in the NLB facilitates transfer of knowledge and competencies from more to less experienced employees, especially the newly employed; it also provides help to those employees who assume new responsibilities and tasks and who receive training to become key leaders and it is a very appropriate form of co-operation between different generations.

Career Development in NLB Group Companies

We enable the employees to develop their career in the international arena. The employees can thus be referred to work in the members of the NLB Group. The referrals are an instrument for achieving strategic goals of the NLB Group and also a tool for developing of an individual employee. The NLB refers its employees to managerial and expert-operational posts in the members of the NLB Group, from the NLB Group members to the NLB and from one member to another. The referred employees are appropriately motivated and provided with an equal level of social security as prior to the referral (the focus is on health and pension insurance).

Work with youth and co-operation with faculties

After the period of stagnation, a series of reorganisations and streamlining, the NLB strives to return to the labour market as the desired employer for the most promising staff. We pay special attention to first job seekers and, for this purpose, establish links and co-operate with faculties and other institutions:

  • our experts deliver lectures at various faculties and present the Bank's areas of operations, good business practices and challenges.
  • We host expert excursions of students of professional schools and universities.
  • We enable preparation of undergraduate and postgraduate theses on the subject which is also interesting for the Bank.
  • We co-operate with the Career Centre of the University of Ljubljana and the Employment Service of the RS.
  • We co-operate with the company AmCham Slovenia. AmCham among other organises free programmes for young employees, i.e. AmCham Young Professionals
  • We organise internal workshops for students where they can get to know different professions in the banking environment and feel the atmosphere.
  • For first job seekers, we try to find different financial benefits (scholarships, favourable loans for tuition fee etc.).

Traineeship and work through a student work centre

In the past, the NLB employed a lot of young people who were included as trainees in the planned and organised training so that they could work independently after completing the training. Each trainee in the Bank undergoes a training programme led by a mentor, is included in educational programmes so as to link their theoretical knowledge with practical one, is acquainted with the new work area and, by a systematic approach, develops faster professionally and personally. The trainee presents the acquired knowledge and experience when defending themselves at the expert examination.
In the past, young students were offered the opportunity for practical work through a student work centre during their study, however, this activity has been suspended because of the current restructuring of the Bank and downsizing of staff.

Because We Invest in the Development of Our Employees

With their knowledge, abilities, competencies, skills, talents, enthusiasm and motivation the employees contribute to the performance and competitive advantages of the NLB. Therefore, care for employees and planning of their development are of great importance. All heads conduct with their subordinate employees an annual development interview which offers an opportunity for an open and constructive dialogue the purpose of which is to increase the efficiency of co-operation, plan further development, education and career as well as assess the employees' performance.

Special attention is dedicated to the most efficient employees and those with a high development potential, excellent competencies, broad knowledge and the readiness to move from the level of the current job to a higher level of competencies. When establishing development potential, the following are used: development interviews, psychological testing, analyses, questionnaires, evaluation centres, which serve as a basis for planning the career of an individual and preparing development plans or activities for an individual which is moving either in the direction of managerial development, professional development or managerial-professional development. Given the established gap between the actual and desired expert knowledge and competencies, the employees upgrade their knowledge and skills through education courses and trainings in the internal Training Centre or outside the Bank, including abroad. In addition to training, the development activities of an individual also encompass broadening the scope and substance of work, circulation/mobility between jobs or in other areas, team work, transfer of knowledge, mentorship, acquiring international experience, introduction of changes etc. Every employee is responsible for their development and the directors and/or heads monitor the employees every day and help them in their personal growth as well as professional development.

Development Interview

The NLB takes care of a planned development of employees in the area of competencies and knowledge. The heads conduct a development interview with their subordinates once a year where they discuss the progress in the workplace and the head's expectations for the next year, as well as prepare a development plan.
The development of the employee has different forms: development at a workplace, circulation/mobility, mentorship, training in the in-house NLB Training Centre and training in external institutions. For those employees who are identified as staff with a development potential the Bank prepares career plans where the professional or managerial development is defined for a longer period of time.

Because We Reward Our Employees for Their Achievements

The NLB continuously plans, evaluates and rewards performance. With clear, concrete and ambitiously set goals that are communicated top-down, we take care that our employees are aware of the Bank's expectations and know how to contribute to the realisation of the Bank's vision and strategy by achieving their goals. Those employees who exceed the set goals and contribute even more to the achievement of the set goals receive additional variable pay which, in motivational terms, supports the development and retaining of the key staff.

Besides the rewarding of high performance (variable part) we also stimulate the development of the employees in the form of horizontal promotion within the workplace and vertical promotion to more demanding jobs and work areas. We also take care of systematic development of the heads as well as motivation and personal growth of the (future) heads in the NLB Group by enabling the transfer of knowledge and rotation within the NLB Group; moreover, we improve the management culture and the Bank's corporate culture.

Beacause Employee Satisfaction is Important

Satisfaction of our employees is of key importance. Therefore, we measure the organisational climate the purpose of which is to establish the employees' perception of the characteristics of the Bank and measure their enthusiasm. This leads to a range of levers enabling the implementation of business strategies and HR management. Measurement of the organisational climate and enthusiasm of the employees is also implemented in the members of the NLB Group.

Because We are a Family-friendly Company

The Bank wants to listen to its employees and help them balance their work and family obligations. As a family-friendly company the Bank conducts a number of activities such as day off for parents when their children go to school for the very first time, flexible working hours (using paid leave) upon the transition of children to kindergarten, paid absence for exceptional family reasons, decreasing exposure to typical burden at work place so as to maintain and strengthen health, preventive breast examinations, organised child care for the employees' children during holidays (Happy holidays), additional bonuses from the banking offer and financial assistance, New Year's gifts for the Bank employees' children and gifts for newborn babies. The Bank adds new measures every year.

Because our Employees' Health is Important to Us

The NLB is aware that the employees are key to achieving all business goals and that only healthy employees can be creative and successful. Our everyday is stressful and we are overburdened too many times so it is important to find together the ways and the time to maintain and improve our well-being. In the framework of the Healthy Bank project we organise different activities so that all employees can be active at various levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. We have also organised a series of lectures, for example: How to achieve overall health, Stress and its effect on health, Why and how to set our body in motion, How emotions affect our health and how to turn this to our advantage.

Beacuse We are Socially Responsible

The NLB regularly incorporates social and environmental initiatives in its relation to the environment, clients and of course employees. In the area of human resources management we daily ensure that the right people are employed at appropriate workplaces, we dedicate a lot of attention to employee development, we enable their systematic education, training and gaining of new knowledge and skills, as well as organise motivational trainings combined with socially responsible activities and volunteering to strengthen relationships. We enable our employees to engage in regular recreational sports activities and, to boost the sport spirit, organise tournaments, competitions, sport games; moreover, with preventive measures and different campaigns we promote care for health and its improvement as well as safety of our employees. We organise blood donor campaigns, offer solidarity help to employees in distress and in the event of a large natural disaster the employees contribute money for the affected persons; we also participate in the 'Sponsorship' project under the auspices of Zveza prijateljev mladine Ljubljana Polje Moste.

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