This is our home. A region of opportunities

Here are our families, friends, co-workers, neighbours, sportsmen we root for, innkeepers who know how we take our coffee … Here are our thoughts and our hearts. That’s why we can see what this region is capable of firsthand and recognize the potential when nobody else does. 

We want to take care of our home to the fullest we can and thus improve the quality of life in this region. Because where others see just a spot on the map, we see a region of opportunities.


Financial Results of the NLB Group

Encouraged by the economic recovery driven by healthy private consumption and strong loan demand, NLB Group recorded another successful quarter, with minimal or no effect of once again growing health concerns. The Group generated EUR 205.5 million of profit after tax (EUR 100.9 million or 96% higher YoY), and as a result is well on track to exceed 2021 guidance in main categories. Based on this strong performance and the favourable business environment, we have improved our 2021 outlook. 

Profit after tax in mil EUR *

* attributable to owners of the parent

A new boost for sustainable development

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a downturn in the economy, but on the other hand it also brought us some positives. We pay more attention to what is happening in the environment and wonder how we influence it with our actions. In doing so, we have become enthusiastic about finding sustainable, especially local solutions.

One of the most recognised projects of 2020 in the entire region of SEE is certainly the #HelpFrame project. With the #HelpFrame project, we offered our own advertising space to 274 entrepreneurs, farmers, and micro and small businesses – which would be Trajnostno poročilo NLB Skupine 2020difficult for them to afford in these times – and thus helped them to reach potential customers, thereby making an important contribution to strengthening the domestic small business.

Press Center

20. jan 2022
Hedvika Usenik, Antonio Argir, and Andrej Lasič were appointed as new members of the NLB Management Board. They all come from NLB or NLB Group, have extensive experience and proven value creating track record.
20. jan 2022
NLB has mandated J.P. Morgan to organise a series of fixed-income meetings ahead of a potential issuance of Tier 2 subordinated notes.
20. jan 2022
As proud recipients of the prestigious Top Employer Slovenia certificate and as a family-friendly employer we take constant care of the personal and professional growth of our employees.

This is our home                                 

For us sustainability is not just something we put on paper

NLB Group Sustainability Report 2020

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