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Exhibition of illustrations by Ciril Horjak a.k.a. Dr. Horowitz

22. March - 10. May 2012

Ciril Horjak was born in 1975 in Slovenj Gradec. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Ljubljana. At the end of the 1980s, he won first prize at the Young Comic Book Artists Contest in Novi Sad twice in a row. Internationally, his work has been exhibited mostly within the scope of activities of the Stripburger magazine.

In November 2003, he issued his first comic book album Ride ("Curves") and, in the framework of Stripburger's comic book academy, he also prepared the first Slovenian comic book manual Najmanjša velika enciklopedija stripa ("The Smallest Large Comic Book Encyclopaedia"). He devised comic-book-based training for the company Slorest for which he won the award for the most innovative HR practice in 2008. He drew the sculpture plans for Alan Hranitelj's exhibition Jesen, zima ("Autumn, winter"). He has been collaborating with the Večer newspaper company since 2007 and has provided more than 500 illustrations over about 280 weeks. He hosts a show on Radio Student called Risanka ("Cartoon") in which he draws based on the instructions of the listening audience. In 2009, he accompanied workers from the DARS company when constructing roads and drew comic books on this topic for their internal magazine. In 2011, he received the award of the Slovenian Institute for Adult Education for his educational work. In co-operation with his dentist Rok Jurič he creates the educational comic book on dental care entitled Endodontostrip. He delivers lectures on comic books at various Slovenian university faculties. For the time being, he has three children.



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