Guidelines on Cooperation with the Media

We are aware that well-organized and two-way relations with all stakeholders are crucial for building NLB's and NLB Group's image in the internal and external public.

We conduct relations with mass media and other expert audiences professionally and methodically, thus implementing the business goals and the communication goals based on them. The relationship between the Bank and the media is based on open and professional co-operation of both sides, which means that the press and the representatives of the NLB Group comply with the rules dictated by their professional status.

The right to be informed and to freely express oneself is one of the fundamental human rights. With this in mind, our goal is to answer all journalists' questions in a professional, correct and up-to-date manner. In department for Public Relations and Social Media we obtain information from the relevant departments of the NLB. In view of that, the time required to provide answers depends on the complexity of the questions and availability of our experts. We are therefore asking the journalists to consider the fact that their questions would be answered within 24 hours (or the next day in the case of a holiday or non-working day). In the case of more complex questions, they will be informed of the anticipated time required to provide an answer, which shall not be more than seven business days from receiving the question.


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