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Illustration exhibition by Jiří Slíva

21. March - 9. May 2013

Jiří Slíva was born in 1947 in Plzen and has been a resident of Prague since 1966. After finishing studies in economics at the University of Prague, he worked as a sociologist for 8 years. Slíva's first published drawings appeared in 1972. Since 1979, he has been working full time in cartooning, graphic art, illustration and painting. He created 10 cartoon books, which were published in the Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland, France and the USA. His drawings appeared in over 150 books, numerous Czech newspapers and in international journals such as Die Zeit, Stern, New York Times, Nebelspalter, Die Welt, Los Angeles Times... The author also makes colour lithographs, etchings and oil paintings.

The exhibited collection focuses on three thematic areas which Jiří Slíva has repeatedly dealt with. The first of these involves renowned persons from the cultural and scientific world. Slíva's favourites include Franz Kafka, Albert Einstein and Sigmund Freud and this time an originally conceived Holy Trinity (chosen, amongst other things, as the leitmotif of the entire exhibition). Another major theme for Jiří Slíva consists of jazz and jazz musicians, whom he has admired for years, and finally jazz clubs which he has visited around the world (the author is actually an active guitarist in the band Grafičanka made up of various graphic artists). Jiří Slíva is also an aficionado of both wine and coffee, this being testified to by the third and most numerous collection of prints on the theme of cafés.



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