Announcement of MREL requirement

1st July 2021

NLB d.d., Ljubljana (“NLB d.d.”) hereby announces that on 1st July 2021 it received the decision of the Bank of Slovenia (“BS”) relating to MREL requirement (minimum requirement for own funds and eligible liabilities).

As of 1st January 2024 NLB d.d. must comply with MREL requirement on a consolidated basis at resolution group level (i.e. NLB Resolution Group, consisting of NLB d.d., Ljubljana and non-core part of the NLB Group) which amounts to 27.29% of Total Risk Exposure Amount (TREA) and 8.03% of the Leverage Ratio Exposure (LRE). NLB d.d. has to ensure a linear build-up of own funds and eligible liabilities towards MREL requirement and its compliance with 25.38% of the total risk exposure amount and 8.03% of the total exposure amount on 1st January 2022.

This decision supersedes previous BS decision on MREL requirement dated 7 April 2020.

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