April 17, 2023

In accordance with the Paragraph 2 Article 599 in connection with the Paragraph 1 Article 586 of Slovenian Companies Act (Zakon o gospodarskih družbah, hereinafter: ZGD-1) the Management Board of NOVA LJUBLJANSKA BANKA d.d., Ljubljana, Trg republike 2, 1000 Ljubljana, registration number: 5860571000 (hereinafter: NLB d.d. and acquiring company), publishes the notification

that the acquisition agreement concluded on 16.11.2022, between the acquiring company and N Banka d.d., Ljubljana, Dunajska cesta 128A, 1000 Ljubljana, registration number: 5496527000 (hereinafter: N Banka and acquired company) has been submitted to the court registry of the District Court in Ljubljana on 14.4.2023.

The acquisition procedure is carried out within a simplified acquisition procedure in accordance with the Article 599 ZGD-1.

The complete notification on the submission of the acquisition agreement to the court registry is available in the attachment.

The Management Board of the acquiring company reminds and informs the shareholders, that the shareholders whose shares amount to at least 1/20 of the acquiring company’s share capital, have the right, within one month from the date of publishing of this notification, to request for the General Meeting to be convened, in order to decide on the consent to the acquisition (Paragraph 3 Article 599 ZGD-1). In the event, that the convening of the General Meeting is requested, the Management Board of the acquiring company shall, in accordance with the Paragraph 2 Article 586 ZGD-1, make the review and the free copy of the documents, as determined within Paragraph 2 Article 586 ZGD-1 in connection with Paragraph 4 Article 599 ZGD-1, available to the shareholders.   

Notification dated 17.04.2023

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