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20 January 2017

39 Ordinary NLB Supervisory Board Meeting

Today, 20 January, the NLB’s Supervisory Board held its 39th ordinary meeting. They were presented with current business operations and preliminary business results of the NLB Group in 2016. They also got acquainted with the financial forecast 2018–2021 and discussed the refreshed Non-Performing Exposure/Non-Performing Loan Management Strategy in the NLB Group for the period 2017–2020.

The preliminary results of the Group in 2016 indicate that it has successfully closed its third year in a row. I am pleased to see the stable and – most importantly – sustainably profitable performance, which is the best prospect for the future of this Bank and its Group,” said Primož Karpe, Chairman of NLB’s Supervisory Board.

The Supervisory Board also got familiar with the revised Non-Performing Loan Management Strategy in the NLB Group. They believe the proactive approach and regular monitoring and follow-up of non-performing exposures and loans have yielded positive results. The preliminary results show that the non-performing loans are managed well, since the Group has substantially decreased their volume for the second consecutive year.

The comprehensive Non-Performing Loan Management Strategy in the NLB Group with its short-term, mid-term and long-term goals and measures to achieve them has been upgraded with the aim of further successful recovery of claims. In addition to that the new ECB guidelines and recommendations by the Bank of Slovenia on non-performing loans have been incorporated into the document.

The Supervisory Board had another item of the agenda discussing the divestment of non-core equity investment in Petrol shares. They supported the Bank’s activities targeting the implementation of requirements to dispose of all its non-core equity investments.

Members of the Supervisory Board were also presented with the reports of its Commissions.

NLB Supervisory Board