General Meeting of NLB Appoints Three New, Substitute Supervisory Board Members

8th September 2017

Today, on 8 September 2017, the 29th General Meeting of Shareholders of NLB d.d. was held, at which the rights of the Republic of Slovenia as the only shareholder of the Bank were represented by Slovenski državni holding, d.d. (SDH). Following the proposal presented by the NLB Supervisory Board, the General Meeting appointed three new members of the Supervisory Board: Vida Šeme Hočevar, PhD, Simona Kozjek, MSc, and Peter Groznik, PhD. Supervisory Board of NLB d.d. now consists of eight members.

"I would like to express our contentment upon today’s appointment of new members on behalf of the NLB Supervisory Board. The rich experience and know-how the team will gain with new members will undeniably bring added value to the Supervisory Board. It performed its work unimpeded before, and with eight members on board the Supervisory Board will be even more efficient in times when banking is facing ever greater challenges,” Primož Karpe, Supervisory Board Chairman, commented on new members joining the Supervisory Board.

Vida Šeme Hočevar, Doctor of Laws, this year took on the position of an Authorised Officer of the Management Board at Skupna pokojninska družba, and before that she was a General Secretary of the Bank of Slovenia for almost ten years.

Simona Kozjek holds a Masters Degree in Economics and took on the position of a CEO at Nama this year, whereas between 2013 and 2017 she was a Director of Back Office at Zavarovalnica Triglav.

Peter Groznik holds a Doctors degree and was a Management Board member at Gorenje over the past five years, and as from this year he is the CEO and owner of NorthGrant, an investment and business consulting company.

Yesterday, on 7 September, the NLB Supervisory Board acknowledged the resignation of the Supervisory Board member David Kastelic and agreed to the shortening of the notice period. His term of office terminates on the day the General Meeting is held, i. e. today.

Supervisory Board of NLB d.d. from now on consists of 8 members: Primož Karpe, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Andreas Klingen, Deputy Chairman, and the members: Alexander Bayr, David Eric Simon, Laszlo Urban, PhD, (all SB members so far) and Vida Šeme Hočevar, PhD, Simona Kozjek, MSc, and Peter Groznik, PhD.

In the selection procedure, which was conducted in accordance with regulatory requirements and internal rules, the Bank carried out Fit & Proper assessments. In line with the banking regulation the Nomination Committee of the Supervisory Board of NLB d.d. issued a positive Fit&Proper assessment of the candidates, which included assessment of all key criteria of candidates’ suitability, also the statement on potential conflicts of interest and independency of mind of candidates. The latter was also approved by the NLB Supervisory Board. All three candidates were assessed as fit and proper for the function.

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