Peter Kocjančič: Slovenian Film Poster

19. September - 7. November 2013

Peter Kocjančič, graphic designer and photographer, was born on 27 November 1895 in Podgora, the vicinity of Gorica. Having graduated from the school of decorative painting, he studied at the Art Academy in Venice for a few semesters. After World War I he worked as a graphic artist and illustrator in the Yugoslav Printshop, Ljubljana, and in 1930 he began exploring photography. He was a member of the Visual Designer Association of Slovenia and the Slovenian Fotokino Association from their inception. From 1932 onwards he participated at several photography exhibitions at home and abroad. He received 82 gold, silver and bronze medals and plaques as well as 40 certificates.

The Photography Association of Yugoslavia awarded him the highest award, "master of photography", and in 1967 the International Federation of Photographic Art recognised him with the honorary title "Hon. EFIAP". He entered the history of Slovenian graphic design as a pioneer in using photography. He died on 23 April 1986 in Ljubljana.



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