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Design exhibition by Nikola Vučemilović

21. January - 18. March 2010

Nikola Vučemilović, born in Makarska in 1922, has been taking photographs since 1939. He learnt the basics of photography at the Dobrinić photography studio in Split, where he was also a member of local photography club Fotoklub Split. During the National Liberation Struggle (1943 onwards) he worked as a war photographer. In 1947 he joined the magazine Čuvaj Jadrana as a photojournalist. In this period he sailed with the Yugoslav Navy to the Far East, around the Mediterranean and along the coasts of Asia and Africa. He has been a member of the International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP) since 1961. He is also an honorary member of the North American Club of Sacramento, California. 

He has exhibited throughout the world, including solo exhibitions from 1973 onwards. In 2006 a major retrospective exhibition of his work opened in Split. He has won numerous prizes at international photography exhibitions and his photographs may be seen in galleries in Australia and the USA. Many of his photographs have been published in books and periodicals and he has been a member of the jury of the Rijeka exhibition "Man and the Sea" on several occasions. Nikola Vučemilović may be said to be the originator of the "Split School", equivalent in importance to the work of the Brkan brothers and Tošo Dabac, which has kept Split at the forefront of world photography from the 1950s and 1960s to the present day. He is the only Split photographer to be awarded the FIAP distinction of Artiste (AFIAP). The total number of his negatives is unknown because the greater part of his documentation was destroyed during the war in Croatia.



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