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Photography exhibition by Norma Rossetti

12. January - 16. March 2012

Norma Rossetti was born in 1984 in Castellammare di Stabia, in the province of Naples. After graduating from the istituto d'arte in Sorrento, she continued her studies with a three-year photography course at the Fondazione Studio Maragoni in Florence. Her photographic style has its roots in reportage and social engagement. She has taken part in numerous workshops held by international photographers and artists, including Martin Breindl, Paolo Woods, Giorgio Barrera, Mathieu Bernard-Raymond and Jay Wolke. Her photographs have been exhibited at the Museo di Storia della Scienza in Florence, the Italian Cultural Institute in Paris, the Fondazione Fotografia in the former Sant'Agostino Hospital in Modena, the FSM Gallery in Florence and the Officina Giovani in Prato. In 2008 Norma Rossetti won the portfolio award at the Savignano Immagini Festival. 

About the exhibition

Although Norma Rossetti's photographs show a district of Naples that is mentioned by Roberto Saviano in his book about the Camorra, we would be doing them an injustice if we were to view them them merely as an illustration of the research of a journalist. Although some images coincide with Saviano's narrative, this photographic project has a different purpose. Above all Norma Rosetti wants to talk about Scampia, about the melancholy of the urban landscape, about a district abandoned to itself, without rules, forgotten by the rest of Italy. Scampia is a symbol of what happens when the state loses every vestige of its role in an area. Norma Rossetti wants to lay bare this abandonment. These topics affect her all the more because she herself was born not far from Naples and cannot remain indifferent to the fate of southern Italy. /.../
Gabriel Bauret,
Portrait of an Abandoned City, catalogue of the exhibition at the Italian Cultural Institute in Paris, 2009 (extract)



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