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Photography exhibition by Franjo Bahovac

17. January - 14. March 2013

Franjo Bahovac was born in 1851 in Samobor.

He inherited the family merchant business and later on expanded it, which made him one of the wealthiest and most esteemed Samobor residents. He was an amateur, but passionate photographer. His legacy of over 500 photographs was discovered by chance ten years ago and is now a part of collector Josip Horvat's private collection in Samobor.

The significance of this chance discovery would not be so remarkable if the photographs in question had not been taken in a special stereoscopic method. Stereoscopy was especially popular among amateur photographers at the turn of the century. The black and white stereoscopic glass slides reveal Bahovac as a very skilled amateur photographer who tried to capture everyday motifs from his personal life and his local surroundings as well as scenes from cities and countries he travelled to, such as Prague, Vienna, London, Trieste end even New York. Bahovac died in Samobor in 1924. 



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