Poster Exhibition: »Let the Books Sweep you Away.«

An exhibition of the top posters from the tenth Plaktivat competition on the topic of book reading.

8. 10. 2018 – 30. 11. 2018

Plaktivat is a competition in designing city posters that treats current themes affecting our society. The competition combines the social function of the city poster as an extremely widespread medium and its artistic value.

Tam-Tam's tenth jubilee Plaktivat competition was titled “Let the Books Sweep you Away”; the aim of the competition was to craft a visual message, which would incite people to read books and renew their passion for reading. Tam-tam ran the competition in partnership with the Divja misel institute.

A record 229 works were entered in the competition, which also had a particularly high international participation. 53 out of 229 competitors were from Slovenia, while 70 arrived from abroad. Works came from 25 different countries.

The exhibition displays 25 works: the winning creative solution, 15 works that made it in the expert panel's final selection, and 9 works selected by TAM-TAM Institute.

Aside from the finalists, the latter nine posters also succeeded in excellently conveying the competition’s main message about the lost pleasures of book reading. All the chosen posters are visually convincing, inspiring, alive, and instil in the viewer a sense of contentment – all sentiments, which readers would experience reading books.  At the same time, the chosen posters reveal a key aspect of reading, they all demonstrate that books take us to other worlds: the world of fantasy, “opposite” world, shifted, secluded, or a world of one’s own.

The seven-member Plaktivat panel:

  • Robert Bohinec / Futura DDB
  • Petja Montanez / Publicis
  • Gregor Žakelj / VBG
  • Kristijan Andoljšek / Innovatif
  • Blaž Kocjančič / Internavti
  • Tina Popovič / Divja misel
  • Blaž Gregorin / TAM-TAM.

This was the first time the competition was won by an entry from abroad. The author of the poster that swayed the jury is Ata Mohammadi from Iran. 



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