The Help Frame Project includes more than 80 companies from all over Slovenia and also goes beyond borders

July 10, 2020

Slovenia is a land of enterprising people who know how to recognize a good opportunity when they see one. They also know very well how important it is for their voice to be heard by customers. In NLB, we listened to and addressed these needs with the Help Frame Project and provided more than 80 entrepreneurs, farmers and micro and small businesses with advertising space that they would otherwise be unlikely to afford in these challenging times. Now however, the word about their products and activities is spread, seen and heard all across Slovenia. The project, however, goes beyond borders. We have namely successfully transferred it to other markets where the NLB Group operates, as companies and the economy there face the same challenges as in our country.

The response to the invitation to participate in the Help Frame Project exceeded all our expectations, as 170 companies from different branches and regions applied in Slovenia alone. The selected micro and small companies come from 52 towns and villages from all over the country and together perform as many as 37 different activities, mostly service, tourism and agricultural.   

These days, you can follow the stories of local entrepreneurs on billboards, television, web pages, social media and local print media. They will accompany us until the end of August, when the project will be completed. By joining us in supporting local entrepreneurs and their products, knowledge and efforts, you will help them to restart and develop their business, thereby strengthening the domestic small businesses despite the pressures of unfavourable conditions due to the new coronavirus.

Economic incentive on other markets of the NLB Group

The project, which was initially developed for Slovenia, was also successfully transferred to other markets where the NLB Group operates, which shows that it is the right answer to the challenges faced by companies and entrepreneurs during the coronavirus epidemic in all economies in the region. About 80 companies were selected to participate in the project at tenders in four markets, i.e. Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, and Serbia, but there were several times as many applications. The tender is just about to start in Northern Macedonia. The responses of selected companies and the general public are very positive, which makes us especially happy.  

“The Help Frame Project is the first of the activities planned by our bank, which intensively addresses the environmental and sustainability role in all markets of the Southeast Europe, where the NLB Group operates, as our goal is to establish a regional sustainable platform. We therefore want to support companies that call this region their home, that operate locally or regionally, that create here and understand their social role as we in the NLB Group understand it and fulfil it,” explained Mojca Avšič, who is responsible for Strategic Marketing in the NLB Group.

The crisis as an opportunity to develop new products

The stories of entrepreneurs from the Help Frame Project are truly interesting, full of creative drive, innovation and positive energy. The crisis can also be an opportunity to develop new products,” they say, confirming that not even a coronavirus epidemic can stop their courage and the plans they have. Some of these stories will also be presented on the NLB website – you are welcome to read them.

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