NLB placed in the company of top 2% of world’s innovative financial services solutions

October 13, 2021

Due to our innovative digital solutions and architecture, our bank has found itself in the company of the best IT & Data Analytics solutions from the field of finance worldwide. Our initiative Leveraging information capital: Fin-tech architecture at the heart of the traditional bank, developed as part of the Data Management Project of our Group, was namely selected as one of the top 6 finalist in Gartner’s Eye on Innovation Awards competition.

Annual Gartner awards recognize financial services companies for their innovative use of technology to drive best-in-class initiatives. Finalists are selected by benchmarking against world-class performance standards.

This accomplishment is particularly noteworthy this year as Gartner had a record-breaking number of submissions: “This year, we have received nearly 300 submissions from financial institutions across the world a strong testament to the competitiveness, ingenuity and innovative spirit of the financial services industry,” they noted. The winners will be declared at Gartner’s EMEA Symposium on November 11.

“We are extremely proud of this world class, external recognition of our efforts and achievements in the Data Management innovation area. NLB with its innovative solutions and architecture is standing shoulder to shoulder with world financial giants,” emphasizes NLB’s Data Management General Manager Goran Golubović.

Fin-tech architecture at the heart of the traditional bank - what does it mean?

New NLB’s fintech data architecture is built on a private NLB analytical cloud (IBM Watson studio) enabling advance analytics solutions, which in combination with group wide centralized profitability and credit pricing calculations enable providing clients with personalized offers. All methodologies and calculations for our bank members (9 banks) are centralized in headquarters and available for their local application needs. Therefore, we are changing our focus from product and channel development to clients, investing in four new components: data relevance, immediate response, customer location and customer channel preferences.

Golubović explains: “Our vision is to build a fin-tech mentality and technology architecture in the core and the heart of the traditional bank using new data ecosystem as an interplay between business and technology. The results are already here: we have achieved 5-times faster decision making in a loan origination process; business rules deployment process is now 30-times faster using new data architecture; and digital customers rate rose by 11%.”

This, however, is only the beginning of NLB Group’s digital transformation into one of the best IT and Data Analytics companies in South-Eastern European region. As Chief Data Officer Franc Bračun explains, we are working on two parallel initiatives one is technology data foundation with Data & AI platforms; and the second is Data DNA transformation.

“We emphasize the importance of talent capabilities, data literacy, data driven decision making, data powered actions and data monetization. We are moving towards continuous intelligence based on augmented analytics, business rule management and machine learning. We see the integration of real-time analytics within a business operation as the ticket to data monetization,” he points out. 

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