2019 NLB’s Most Successful Year in Organising New Securities Issues

13 December 2019

In the last month, NLB has successfully organised two new issues of debt securities for the company SIJ – Slovenska industrija jekla, d.d., one of the leading European business groups in steel industry. In November, SIJ issued five-year bonds with a nominal value of EUR 40 million, and today, 13 December, it issued one-year commercial papers with a nominal value of EUR 28 million with the interest rate of 0.9% p.a. This is the lowest interest rate for this type of financial instrument in the Slovene market over the past few years.  

Over the past five years NLB d.d. has successfully organised three issues of long-term bonds and six issues of short-term commercial papers with a total nominal value of EUR 287 million, which makes SIJ d.d. one of the most active and recognizable issuers on the local capital market. 

Branko Gregorec, head of Corporate Finance in NLB d.d. said on this occasion: “This has been the most successful year in terms of organising alternative funding, as NLB d.d. has successfully placed over EUR 450 million worth of bonds and commercial papers for Slovene issuers on the local and international capital markets. The competitive advantage of NLB, as the largest financial institution in Slovenia, is to offer its clients, based on their needs and capabilities as well as the situation on the capital markets, also structured financing, as a combination of standard banking financing and alternative financing, by organising issues of debt securities. Potential investors also benefit from the Bank’s broad investor base, which constitutes potential buyers of papers.”    

NLB Communications