ECB gives consent to Petr Brunclík as NLB’s COO

May 14, 2020

ECB gave its consent to the appointment of Petr Brunclík as member of the NLB d.d. Management Board and Chief Operating Officer (COO) yesterday. He will begin his five-year term of office after signing the contract, presumably in the next few days. He will be responsible for IT, operations and procurement departments, however, in the wake of the challenges posed by the new coronavirus and its consequences, he will focus primarily on digital and IT transformation of the NLB Group.

Brunclík, who was appointed by the NLB Supervisory Board at the end of November 2019, joined NLB in February 2020 and has so far perform the functions of the Assistant to the Management Board.

“Petr joined our ranks only a couple of months ago and by the mid-March found himself, along with the rest of us, in the middle of the coronavirus crises. One of the key elements that enabled our bank to provide services undisturbed was the swift and effective response of our IT specialists. His expertise, knowledge and understanding of the field, along with his sense of management, has proven to be invaluable. We are looking forward to continue working with him and to making sure that with our joint efforts NLB Group will be ready – for whatever may come,” said Blaž Brodnjak, CEO.

“If the challenges we have faced in the last two months have taught us anything, it was that further, faster and more extensive digitalization is not only an expectation, but a necessity. In a world that is becoming even more digital, we must find new ways to stay connected – not only with our families and friends, but with our co-workers and our clients as well. And in order to stay connected, we must provide the best online experience. That is something that we will strive and what we look forward to achieve not only in Slovenia but in all the countries where NLB Group operates,” added Brunclík.

Petr Brunclík (1979) has almost 20 years of diverse banking, business, customer service, process improvement, online, and technology experience. He majored in information technologies and applied informatics at the University of Economics in Prague. He began his career in 2001 as a Head of Promotion at the Mironet Group, a Czech hardware and computer systems distributor. From there he moved on to GE Money Bank (6/2003), which was later (in May 2016) rebranded to MONETA Money Bank. For the next 15 years he held various positions including IT Manager for eBusiness Applications (2/2007), and later Senior IT Manager for Distribution Channels (3/2009), then Shared Service Center Director (1/2012), and lastly Chief Shared Services Officer (COO) (6/2013), responsible amongst other fields for a call center, customer service, and business process support.

Before joining NLB he gained extensive experience as a Chief IT and Operations Officer (CIO & COO) at the Home Credit Philippines (from June 2017), which is a part of Home Credit Group, an international consumer finance provider, with a leading presence across 11 countries in Central and Eastern Europe, Asia, and North America. 

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