Slovenia is a land of enterprising people. We are welcoming them to join the #HelpFrame again this year

April 20, 2021

NLB Group’s project #HelpFrame proved last year that Slovenia is a land of enterprising people, who know how to recognize a good opportunity when they see one. It attracted over 80 entrepreneurs, farmers and micro and small businesses from the entire country and in total 270 from the all SEE markets where NLB Group operates. This year we are certain that we will offer our support to even more entrepreneurs.   

NLB Group has once again launched the #HelpFrame project, a programme where knowledge and understanding of economic environment and macroeconomic trends meet professionalism and sustainability. We will again search and listen to the stories of entrepreneurs, written by the dire economic situation as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Apart from the know-how, advice and our services, we will offer advertising space to the selected entrepreneurs, farmers and micro and small businesses, to make sure that their efforts and work are also noticed by potential buyers and customers. The campaign calling on entrepreneurs to join the project starts today in Slovenia, Montenegro and North Macedonia. In other markets where NLB Group operates will follow in the weeks to come.   

“Thanks to our mission, NLB has a great insight into the macroeconomic movements and trends and we understand the implications of the corona crisis for the society and economy. Although we look to the future with optimism, we are aware that additional incentives especially for micro and small businesses that form a pillar of the Slovene economy, always come in handy. And this is why we have decided to invite entrepreneurs to take part in the #HelpFrame project again this year,” says Andrej Krajner, director of Communications in NLB, and adds: “This year, too, we believe that the project will offer the entrepreneurs exactly what they need – in addition to free advertising space, which would probably be more difficult for them to afford in these times, our know-how and professional help. Most of all, we are delighted that this time the new member of the NLB Group – Komercijalna banka Beograd, will also take part in the project, which means that we will be able to help even more customers.”     

Stories of project participants will be spread with the help of our partners POP TV, Europlakat and Mastercard so that they will reach as wide general public as possible and inspire also other entrepreneurs and everyone else – so that they too will recognise new opportunities and embark boldly on a journey towards recovery and success. This way we will also support their efforts and at least to a certain extent contribute to revival of the Slovene small businesses.

“This year, we have upgraded the concept of the project. Some businessmen that joined the project last year will share their experience and knowledge with the newly selected entrepreneurs, as ambassadors to help them increase their recognition, and also advise them how to steer their business through the crisis,” explains Bojana Lampret, director of Micro Enterprises. “We want the entrepreneurs to feel that the bank is their partner in good times and in bad times. With entrepreneurs selected in the project we want to establish long-term partnership. Last year, for instance, we also invited them to present their products in Bankarium, the banking museum that will open this summer; and to prepare promotional gifts for our employees. This is how NLB promotes brands and their recognition in the local and broader regional environment, “ she adds.      

NLB Communications

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