A world full of heart: We will end the year with a charitable donation in all the markets where we operate

December 20, 2022

Every day is a great opportunity to share warmth and kindness, but somehow it seems that during the festive December these virtues come even more to the fore. In the NLB Group we are well aware of this, which is why we will end the year with a charitable donation to various vulnerable groups and other charitable purposes, in all markets where we operate.

Our world is much more beautiful and colourful when we stand by each other and heartily create new opportunities - opportunities such as those that also arise with our support. Employees of the NLB Group proposed and voted for various associations, humanitarian organizations and groups to which we will allocate funds in the total value of more than 500,000 euros. In Slovenia, we will allocate the funds to the association of parents of children with cancer - Heroes of the 3rd Floor, the Association of Friends of Youth, and the Ljubljana Zoo and Shelter for Abandoned Animals.

"The completely unexpected call from NLB left us with our mouths wide open," wrote the Heroes of the 3rd Floor association. "With these funds, we can begin to speak out loud about the plans that we had until now only wished and saved for a future... To arrange a place for exercise therapy in the hemato-oncology department was a longer-term goal we have so far just talked about to the department staff. Many studies have confirmed that exercise during strenuous cancer treatment has a positive effect on the well-being of children and the outcome of treatment. Therefore, the gym will be an extremely important asset for the department and for all the Heroes and Heroines of the 3rd floor. Thank you, a hundred thousand times, for your trust and your incredible sense of helping those in need!"
"With the NLB donation, the mission of the Association of Friends of the Youth of Slovenia is closer to its goal - to raise the quality of life and give a sense of value to as many families as possible. We will allocate the funds to both humanitarian and substantive programs," says Darja Groznik, president of the Association of Friends of the Youth of Slovenia, adding: "With our social welfare and humanitarian programs, united under the name One Heart, we will provide financial, material and psychosocial assistance to children and families in need, with excellent educational and support programs (Children's Week, Children's Parliaments, TOM phone, Europe in School competition...) and quality leisure time, research and creation. Your donation will be a wonderful message to many children and their families, and for that we sincerely thank you.
"The Zoo and the Ljubljana animal shelter have got a new friend of animals," the ZOO and the Ljubljana Shelter for Abandoned Animals announced. "The employees of the NLB proved that benefactors are not just the “three good men” of December, but that it can be any of us. We are especially happy that the donation is allocated to us according to their own choice. Slovenians are known for our humanitarianism and support for sports, however, this donation is proof that we increasingly know how to listen to animals in need. It's not just about the money. The awareness that you support us in such numbers is the fuel that is not subject to price increases and that drives us forward in all situations. Thank you on behalf of the animals. We wish everyone a very good year 2023!” they added.

In NLB Group we do not say in vain that this region is our home. Here are our families, friends, co-workers, neighbours, sportsmen we root for, innkeepers who know how we take our coffee … Here we can breathe with full lungs, create, experience ups and downs, weave ties. It is therefore only natural that we want to actively participate, influence, and improve the quality of life in our home – also by creating opportunities where they are lacking, especially during this festive season. Because a world full of heart is a world full of opportunity.

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