NLB organised its first international bond issue

20 June 2019

NLB has made an important step forward in the primary capital market as it organised an international bond issue for the SID Bank in collaboration with the Erste Group.   

On Monday, 17 June, the order book of SID Bank bond closed with a total value of 200 million Euros. The maturity of the bond is seven years, the coupon interest rate 0.125 percent and the yield to maturity 0.18 percent. This is the lowest premium so far over the comparable government bond and the lowest coupon interest rate for the longest maturity period of any bond issued by the SID Bank so far.

The bond was offered to a closed circle of institutional investors. The demand has exceeded 290 million Euros, and the bond was purchased by 46 percent of foreign investors and 54 percent of Slovenian investors. The bond has been issued in the international clearing houses Euroclear and Clearstream and it will be listed at the Vienna Stock Exchange.

“This is an important milestone for us as we are going beyond the Slovenian borders to issue bonds. This is on one hand expanding the range of services we can offer to our clients and on the other hand opening up new business development opportunities. The knowledge and experience of the corporate finance team has once again proven to be of key importance and is going to remain our advantage in the future,” said Mitja Tomažinčič, Director of NLB Investment Banking and Custody.

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