We collected more than 15,000 euros with old tolars for new beginnings

15. March 2019

The symbolic delivery of cheque in the NLB Avla Gallery on 15 March 2019 marked the conclusion of the Europa Donna charity campaign Fill us with hope - old tolars for new beginnings, in the scope of which the Slovenian Breast Cancer Association and its partners, including the NLB, collected old tolars. The collected funds have been dedicated to new beginnings - further development of the PINK programme.

In pink boxes installed in the NLB's branch offices and Mercator stores and at the charity handball game, in companies, schools and other associations, we collected 3,703,505 tolars for charity purposes in the past few weeks, which converted into euros means 15,454 euros that we delivered to the Europa Donna association. Ever since 2017, the association has been carrying out the programme of psychosocial help called PINK (ROZA) for patients with breast cancer and their close relatives, offering support in their emotional distress which is a constant for the patients and their close relatives.


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