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Electronic banking is the most efficient way of performing payment transactions through modern distribution channels. At Nova Ljubljanska banka we are aware that every company has its own specific needs and that they all need uninterrupted financial flows. We have therefore prepared several forms of e-banking for legal entities and entrepreneurs.

Urgent alert!

Do NOT leave your Smart Card or USB in the PC!
All urgent safe steps and precautions for safe bussiness via electronic bank NLB Proklik are specified in the Golden Rules for Safe Operations.

Who is it for?

For all legal entities and entrepreneurs wanting quick, simple and secure domestic and international payment transactions, along with management of the cash of your associated domestic and foreign companies. NLB Proklik users can directly link to the bank server via a network call, modem access or the Internet. The modem used for linking up can be analogue or ISDN.

To be informed on time!

You can get SMS when you sent signed payments orders to the bank via NLB Proklik. Application form

Main advantages

  • Faster - 24/7 operations
  • Cheaper - lower fees for placing orders
  • More transparent - regular insights into the balance, statements and transactions on the business account
  • More effective - electronic statements, exchange of data with accounting software
  • Secure - transactions and identification of the user with a smart card
  • Comfortable - work using a PC or laptop at the office, at home or abroad

Basic information

  • Overview of services
  • Simple performing of domestic and international payment transactions
  • Managing cash in accounts of domestic and foreign associated companies
  • The methodology of double keys and permanent encryption is used for secure data exchanges between the Bank and the user
  • Users can link to the bank server via a network call, modem access or the Internet and can change the link with regard to their needs and desires

Overview of NLB Proklik Versions

Overview of NLB Proklik Versions

More information

General terms
General terms and conditions of use of the NLB Proklik electronic banking service (88 KB)

Forms and Instructiona Manual
Forms and Instructions Manual

You can download Adobe Reader here.