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We act responsibly to our customers, employees, society and the environment

The NLB in 2017: responsible towards clients, employees, society and the environment

Introductory address

The Bank has an important social responsibility mission – in addition to good financial results, the Bank works to contribute to a higher quality of living of all the citizens.

The Bank and the Group have a responsibility towards customers, employees and the social environment in our aim to become a dedicated mentor. Special attention is paid to knowledge and lifelong learning.    The key Corporate Social Responsibility pillars in the Bank are promoting small businesses, financial literacy, supporting sports for young people, humanitarianism, preserving art and cultural heritage, and taking good care of the Bank's employees

By promoting mentorship, the Bank communicates to its clients the importance of those standing by our side for better or for worse – in everything that awaits us. Dedicated and responsible mentors will help us meet challenges, develop our potential, and achieve excellent results. We want to advise to our clients in a way that is understandable and transparent.

We all had mentors, and we act as mentors ourselves in different areas. We all needed, or at least wished we had mentors in certain phases of our personal and professional development.

In financial matters, Bank employees act as mentors to our clients and colleagues. We will continue to pay special attention to mentorship. Both inside and outside the Bank, we will continue to promote the awareness that NLB is the bank with the most knowledge, experience and expertise, as well as the bank with the most innovative and advanced solutions.

The Bank is an institution that truly pays attention to its clients and knows what they need, i.e. a bank that knows how to offer the right solution to its clients, at the right time and place.

It is therefore essential that we continue to invest in knowledge and sustainable development. We must develop innovative, but clear and simple solutions available to the clients when they need them and in a manner closest to them. Solutions that guarantee a safe future, considering the client’s financial situation, need to be provided. We must pay attention to the clients, listen to them, and to understand them. Our advice to help them overcome the financial challenges need to be based on knowledge, expertise, and experience. Above all, we must respect and fulfil the agreements we made. In all of this, we must be driven by responsibility – not only to the clients, but also to the colleagues, the society, the environment, and ourselves.

This is the only way the Bank’s employees will be able to become good mentors for our clients, and able to provide answers for all their present and future questions.

Blaž Brodnjak
President of the Management Board of the NLB d.d.

Blaž Brodnjak
President of the Management Board of the NLB d.d.

The NLB Group wants to be a dedicated and responsible mentor to its customers, which they can always rely upon and trust.

The NLB Group is the largest banking and financial group in Slovenia, with a strategic orientation in selected markets of SE Europe. It is present on markets with a population of 17.4 million in total. The NLB Group consists of NLB d.d. as the parent company in Slovenia, six subsidiary banks in SE Europe, and several companies providing other services (asset management, insurance, real estate management, etc.). NLB is 100% owned by the Republic of Slovenia. The key strategic areas of operation of the Group in 2017 were Corporate Banking in Slovenia, Retail Banking in Slovenia, and Strategic Foreign Markets.

The main pillar of the operations of the NLB Group is Retail Banking, where the Bank has a leading position on the Slovenian market, offering comprehensive, but simple services. NLB d.d. in Slovenia excels because of its strong presence and large accessibility for clients through its ramified network of 108 branch offices and 557 ATMs across Slovenia, and its Contact Centre. In the area of corporate banking in Slovenia, the Bank has a leading position as the key advisor to Slovenian companies of all sizes, offering its clients a whole range of financial services, including: lending, cash management, payment services, trade finance services and consulting, and transactions on capital markets, including services on the markets of debt and equity capital, mergers and acquisitions, consulting, and treasury services. On capital markets, the Bank has the traditional role of connecting Slovenia with foreign financial markets and vice versa, as it offers a whole range of stockbroking and custody services for domestic and international clients. An excellent partnership is based on profound and true understanding of the clients' business. The Bank is strategically oriented in increasing support to small and micro companies.

The NLB Group has an important socially-responsible mission – in addition to good performance of the Bank, it also wishes to contribute to a higher quality of life of the wider society. The NLB Group is responsible to its clients, employees, and the social environment, and wishes to become their responsible and diligent mentor. The Bank pays special attention to knowledge and lifelong learning. The main pillars of the socially-responsible operations of the NLB Group are promotion of entrepreneurship, increasing financial literacy, support to youth sports, humanitarian activities, protection of cultural heritage, and care for employees.


The NLB Group demonstrates its socially responsible activity with responsible treatment of its employees and its clients. Together with the clients and other stakeholders, sound foundations were again built for the establishment of mutual trust and implementation of the Bank’s vision in the long run. Since NLB Group wishes to operate in a responsible manner, it takes care that its clients receive appropriate financial training so that they are ready for a responsible risk management in their everyday financial operations. NLB Group works to become a diligent and responsible mentor for its clients, one they can always rely on and trust.

The promotion of entrepreneurship, support for the young and professional athletes, financial literacy, and humanitarian projects remain the key priorities of the socially responsible actions of the NLB Group and its partners. We care about our employees.

Strategic Pillars

NLB Group as a Dedicated Mentor 

  • supportive business environment
  • financial literacy
  • encouraging Sports for Young People
  • financial support to maternity hospitals in Slovenia 

NLB Group continuously makes positive contributions for the well-being of our stakeholders and society with a strong commitment to responsible and sustainable development.
7,754 participants attended various educational and business events hosted by the NLB Innovative Entrepreneurship Centre. By organising such events, the Bank helps young people understand the financial world, become financially independent, and act in a responsible manner for a prosperous future. 

The Bank offered the ‘NLB Sports for Young People’ project to 26 municipalities with 13 different sports for young people, such as: handball, football, basketball, volleyball, alpine skiing, ski jumping, ice hockey, swimming, alpinism, badminton, dancing, karate, and rafting.
The Bank introduced a holistic Financial Literacy Program for children and adolescents, for which it received the Horus Slovenian Award for Social Responsibility for the year 2017.

It is no coincidence that in 2017 NLB d.d. received the Trusted Brand survey award in the category of most trustworthy bank for the eleventh consecutive year. The survey, in which 5,700 subscribers of the magazine Reader’s Digest Slovenia participated, was carried out by the Institute for market and media research, Mediana.

NLB has been the most trustworthy bank in Slovenia ever since the beginning of the Trusted Brand award presentation. We are proud that we were able to not only preserve, but even improve the level of trust compared to last year, despite the turbulent times. We will continue with our activities in order to justify this trust of our employees and clients, as well as the environment in which we operate, and also in the future.
Alenka Rozman,
Head of Events, Social Responsibility, and Activation

Photo: Trusted Brand Award

Compliance, Responsibility, and Integrity of Operations

The Bank’s long-term successful operations not only require compliance with the economic laws and legal regulations comprising the legal framework within which the Bank is operating. The Bank's social responsibility, which is closely intertwined with ethics and integrity, must also be considered in the Bank's business.

In recent years, the NLB Group primarily puts in the forefront the needs of its clients and employees. For the Bank and the NLB Group employees it is especially important to be aware how to stay within the limits of ethical standards, how to provide adequate services to clients, and how to give them the right advice.

It is our wish for the clients to recognise NLB d.d. as a trustworthy, sincere, correct, discrete, and transparent financial institution, helping them ensure financial security and risk management, The clients and other stakeholders of NLB d.d. must also know the importance of ethical business and responsible conduct for the Bank.

In the framework of the HR management, NLB d.d. also pays great attention to the assurance of a positive climate among employees, ethical operations, equality of employees, prevention of any hostilities and violence against employees, and the promotion of the freedom of speech. By ensuring employee satisfaction with work, we guarantee their personal satisfaction, and thus better efficiency.

The positive internal culture built by the management of each company is a precondition and not a consequence of compliance. This is how the management demonstrates, through words and actions, what kind of culture and behavior they expect from employees. A determined and responsible leader will lead the team to the top
Rok Praprotnik,
Director of CPZSI emphasised the following for the MQ magazine:

Blaž Brodnjak, President of the Management Board of NLB d.d., received the Generali AAA award from the Danica Purg, Director of the IEDC Bled School of Management for exceptional individual career achievements, particularly relating to leadership skills.

Skrita vsebina

By creating a healthy business climate, we provide structure for new businesses that will one day become a major pillar of economic growth.

By understanding the needs of our employees we strengthen their professionalism and satisfaction. We promote a healthy lifestyle and striking an appropriate balance between professional and family obligations.

As the owner of the largest private collection of works of art in Slovenia, we promote and expand the awareness of the importance of art and culture.

We support sports and other educational content which help raise youth awareness of values and fairness. We help them develop into mature and responsible adults.

We facilitate the training of educated young people who lack work or business experience in order to help them find employment sooner.

As one of the most important financial institutions in the region are aware of the mission that we share our financial knowledge. We provide project financial literacy of young people passing through primary and secondary schools, as well as educate the younger and older.