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We act responsibly towards our customers, employees, society and the environment

The main pillars of the socially-responsible operations of the NLB Group are promotion of entrepreneurship, increasing financial literacy, support to youth sports, humanitarian activities, and protection of cultural heritage and care for employees.

Statement of Blaž Brodnjak, President of the Management Board of the Bank

NLB Group is no mere financial Group. In addition to good business performance and financial results that contribute to economic development of the region, we also wish to shape and improve the social threads of the environment we live in and to contribute to a higher quality of life of all its people. South-eastern Europe is our home. The heart and the head of the NLB Group are situated here, therefore our wish and our ambition is to see this region thrive.

We accept this challenge with pride and we address this vision with great responsibility – responsibility towards our employees, our clients and the whole environment.

We invest extensively in knowledge and well-being of our employees. We namely believe on the one hand that a satisfied and an effective employee is one who can balance personal and business life; and on the other hand one who knows that his or her potential is recognized. This especially is something we take great care of – of nurturing, mentoring and developing our employees and supporting them on their path.

With a mentoring approach, we also share our knowledge and care for financial literacy of the environment. Only with knowledge namely comes confidence people and businesses need to develop their ideas and full entrepreneurial potential. We walk with them on this road, offer our advice and expertize, and, of course, our innovative and universal financial solutions.

And if knowledge and promotion of entrepreneurship is something mainly our head is involved in, than supporting professional athletes and sports amongst youth, humanitarian projects and protection of cultural heritage is definitely something our heart belongs to. Because South-eastern Europe is our home, we have a unique understanding of the local environment – we know the language, culture, mentality. We know what people invest their energy and emotions in, and we pay special attention to make sure they have the opportunity to do it. 

All these pillars of social responsibilities NLB Group is involved in enable us to positively affect the quality of life and the stability of countries in this region. However, we are aware that challenges are showing on the horizon, but we are determined that with the help of NLB Group the whole region will be prepared – for whatever may come.

Blaž Brodnjak
President of the Management Board of the NLB d.d.

The NLB Group has an important socially responsible mission. It pays special attention to knowledge and lifelong learning. The main pillars of the socially-responsible operations of the NLB Group are promotion of entrepreneurship, increasing financial literacy, support to youth sports, humanitarian activities, and protection of cultural heritage and care for employees. 

NLB Group is the largest financial group in Slovenia, with strategic orientation in selected markets of SE Europe. It is present on markets with a population of approximately 17 million. The Group consists of NLB d.d. as the parent company in Slovenia, six subsidiary banks in SE Europe and several companies providing other services (asset management, insurance, real estate management etc.) and the limited number of non-strategic companies, which are in the process of controlled liquidation. The NLB Group is 35% owned by the Republic of Slovenia. The key areas of the Group’s operations in 2018 remain: Retail Banking in Slovenia, Corporate Banking in Slovenia and Strategic Foreign Markets.

The main pillar of operations of the NLB Group is Retail Banking in Slovenia, where the NLB has a leading position on the market, offering a comprehensive range of products and services. The NLB Group has a widespread branch network with a quality contact centre available to all clients and business partners. In 2018, the Retail Banking achieved good results in spite of difficult situation on the market. The NLB Group has an important social responsibility mission, namely to contribute to a higher quality of life of all inhabitants in the environment where it operates. The Bank is responsible to clients, its employees, society as a whole and to the environment.

Also in the area of Corporate Banking, the NLB Group has a leading position as the key advisor to the companies of all sizes. It offers its clients the whole range of financial products and services which include lending, cash management, payment services, trade finance services and consulting, and transactions on capital markets, including services on the markets of debt and equity capital, mergers and acquisitions, and consulting and treasury services. On capital markets, the Bank has the traditional role of connecting Slovenia with foreign financial markets and vice versa, as it offers a whole range of stockbroking and custody services for domestic and international clients. Excellent partner relationships are based on years of experience and good understanding of the clients’ business needs. The NLB Group’s strategic focus is on increasing the support to small and micro companies. In financing of non-financial companies, it follows carefully drafted principles, guidelines and procedures. Activities which the Bank does not finance include illegal activities; production and trade in weapons, political parties, political forums and religious communities.

The strategic part of the NLB Group consists of NLB d.d. in Slovenia, NLB Vita, NLB Skladi and six banks in five countries of the south-eastern Europe. All banks in the south-eastern Europe are distinguished by profitable operations, good capitalisation and self-financing, high reputation and recognition for their state-of-the-art products, services and distribution channels. This puts them in a good position to use the growth potential in the region. The market share of four of those banks exceed 10 percent on their respective markets. All daughter banks follow the strategy of sustainable growth on local market with reasonable connecting at the level of the NLB Group. Without the distribution network in Slovenia, the Group’s distribution network in the markets of the south-eastern Europe comprises 233 branches and supplies 1.14 million of active clients.

The NLB Group plans a controlled and gradual elimination of non-strategic part of the segment. The process is still underway and the strategy is being implemented by various measures, such as selling companies, portfolio and assets as well as collection of restructuring of individual receivables and closing of subsidiaries in the liquidation process.


The NLB Group demonstrates its socially responsible activity with responsible treatment of its employees and its clients. Together with the clients and other stakeholders, sound foundations were again built for the establishment of mutual trust and implementation of the Banks vision in the long run.

Since the NLB Group wishes to operate in a responsible manner, it takes care that its clients receive appropriate financial training so that they are ready for a responsible risk management in their everyday financial operations. The NLB Group is a diligent and responsible mentor to its clients, one they can always trust and rely on.

The care for the employees, promotion of entrepreneurship, support for the young and professional athletes, financial literacy and humanitarian projects remain the key priorities of the socially responsible actions of the NLB Group and its partners. 

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We are a caring mentor

NLB received the Trusted Brand survey award in the category of the most trustworthy bank in 2018 again. For the 12th consecutive year. The survey, in which 5,700 subscribers of the magazine Reader’s Digest Slovenia participated, was carried out by the Institute for market and media research, Mediana. The award was received by the colleagues from the NLB Contact Centre who provide 24/7 assistance to the clients and thus contribute significantly to this award.

The NLB has been the most trustworthy bank in Slovenia ever since the beginning of the Trusted Brand award presentation. We are proud that we were able to not only preserve but even improve the level of trust, compared to last year. We will continue with our activities in order to justify this trust of our employees and clients, as well as the environment in which we operate, also in the future.

NLB co-workers from the Contact Center took the Trusted Brand Award for 2018.

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