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NLB actively participates at various professional and social initiative events. We are especially proud of a few.

TOP 10
In 2014 NLB once again was awarded and became one of the ten best Slovenian organizations with a strategic investment in education and training of employees. At the 14th Education Management Conference in Bled Vesna Vodopivec received the reward in the name of NLB and stated: "The bank has shown that it takes care of its employees. In spite of a difficult year NLB invested in educating its employees, who are the source of competitive advantage. NLB will continue with this practice, even more focused and systematic."
Socially Responsible Motivational Training
To increase motivation and stimulate the employees, the NLB organised motivational training for groups of employees. In 2013 the classical motivational trainings in the form of expert team programmes were upgraded and combined with socially responsible activities and volunteering.
Our employees created products for children in distress, the bank established cooperation with the Ljubljana Maternal-child Health Centre and the Friends of Youth Association. Thus a socially responsible event became a tool for achieving educational and personal goals of our employees.

In October and November 2013, we carried out three socially responsible motivational trainings: Toy Factory and two Bicycle Factories for a Big Smile. In the Toy Factory project the participants had to face a unique team challenge – manufacture 15 toys suitable for children of different ages.

In the bicycle factories participants assembled 17 bicycles. They were donated to the Youth Center Moste Polje and Youth Health Center Debeli rtič, where children from socially disadvantaged families spend holidays every year.

Computer Classes for Pensioners
Computer classes were organised for our pensioners in December 2013. Our employees became instructors for a day. They helped the pensioners to acquire the basic knowledge in the use of computers. The pensioners learned to use the internet, send e-mail and write a letter. The oldest participant was 87.
Their response was highly favourable, they were very satisfied with the course implementation, and patience and kindness of the instructors.
The good practice will continue.
NLB Happy Holidays
As the holder of the Family Friendly Certificate, the NLB organises NLB Happy Holidays for the employees' children in the form of weekly child care, weekly holidays and summer holidays. Children can participate in different activities such as tennis courses, holidays including an English course, dance courses, swimming courses etc. NLB Happy Holidays take place during the summer and winter holidays at different locations across Slovenia and also abroad.
A Visit from the School of Economics of Novo mesto, Higher Vocational College
Students of the School of Economics of Novo mesto, Higher Vocational College, visited us in November. The students visited us as a part of their expert excursion and the purpose was to obtain useful information from a future employer. The students were given a presentation of the Human Resources Department, its area of work and personnel procedures with special emphasis on knowledge and experience that they can obtain during the course of their studies. 
The Assessment Centre as a Method for Assessing Competence of Branch Office Managers – Winner of the Third Place Award for the HRM Project of the Year
Planet GV in co-operation with the HRM magazine gave out awards for the best HRM project of the year for the tenth year in 2012. The purpose of the award is to present successful HRM projects from Slovenian business practice and to promote the introduction of new projects on human resources management.  We have entered the HRM project entitled  "Assessment Centre as a method for assessing competence of branch office managers". The aim was to determine the potential and key development needs of outlet managers as a support in implementation of the new Branch Network strategy. All branch office managers and directors of corporate centres were included in the Assessment Centre. The expert panel assessed HRM projects by applying a set of criteria (usefulness, originality and innovation, relevance, expertise and practical effects). The NLB was ranked third among the ten participants and the award is an additional incentive to use the introduced method and follow the trends in employee selection and development processes.

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