Privacy Policy

In NLB, we are committed to maintaining your confidence and trust by protecting your personal information and data and at the same time providing you with efficient and user-friendly solutions. This Privacy Policy tells you how and for what purpose the mobile application Klikin collects and accesses your data and how your privacy is protected.  

By using the Klikin mobile application you agree that your data will be collected and used in line with the General Terms and Conditions of NLB Personal Accounts, Klikin General Terms and Conditions and this Privacy Policy. Please read this Policy carefully and keep track of its changes to make sure that you are up to date and confident about our protection of your privacy.

Why We Collect and Access Your Data

In order to provide you with its full range of functionalities, the Klikin mobile application requires access to some of your data and components stored in your mobile device. The Bank collects and processes Klikin user details and data on how the users use the application with the aim to enhance it. By analysing the collected data we can customise its functionalities in line with our users’ needs, optimise its performance, step up security and user experience and adapt its content to your interests.  

Protecting Your Privacy

Data collected for the purpose of this Policy are processed by the Bank at the level of user groups, which means that it is not possible to identify a particular user, his or her personal data or any details related to their personal use of this mobile application.

Collecting and Accessing Data

Klikin mobile application collects and needs access to the following data:

Phone Book on Your Mobile Device

This application needs to access your phone book because of in-payments; i.e. payments that are made using a user’s mobile phone number. The Bank does not collect, store or process the contact details from your phone book.

Camera and Photos

This application needs access to your camera because of the following functionalities:

  • Take a picture and pay, which allows you to capture data from the payment order with your camera and transfer them to the UPN payment order in the Klikin mobile bank.  
  • View »Camera« to find Branches and ATMs. This functionality allows you to see the location of the nearest Branches and ATMs.

The Bank does not access, collect, store or process the photos that are stored on your mobile device.


This application needs access to your location to show the nearest Branches and ATMs. It can access your location only when it is in use and you can see it on your display.

The application collects certain data for the purpose of statistical analysis, using the built-in analytical tools.  

Device Details

The Bank needs information about the device you are using to be able to upgrade the application, test and approve mobile devices, improve the application and its functionalities and for statistical analysis at the level of user groups. Information about mobile devices that is tracked is, for example, brand (e.g. LG, Samsung, Sony, etc.), type of device (e.g. a mobile phone or tablet), model (e.g. iPhone 5S), operating system (e.g. OS 10.2), language settings.

Klikin Application Details

The Bank needs information about how the mobile application is used for statistical analysis at the level of user groups, which serves as a basis for customising the functionalities to the users’ needs, optimising its performance, enhancing the security and user experience and adapting its content to your interests. With these data we track which online store you used to download or upgrade the application, which version has been installed, how long you have been using Klikin, which functionalities you use and how you use them (e.g. which screens are accessed, for how long, etc.).

User Details

User details are very important to us, because they help us understand our users’ characteristics and needs. For this purpose, we collect information about your age, gender, interests and country of residence, which is again statistically analysed at the level of user groups, which means that a relevant user could not be identified on the basis of collected data.

User Data Access Settings

The decision on which information you would like to share is up to you and you can:

  • Restrict the access of the Klikin mobile application to your phone book, camera and location by changing the settings on your mobile device. Please note that if the access is restricted some of the functionalities will not function as provided above,
  • Restrict the access to information about your device, mobile application details and user details by changing the settings on Klikin mobile application.

Changes to Privacy Policy

We may modify the Privacy Policy from time to time. If we decide to change our Privacy Policy, we will post the changes under Current Notices on our site.

This policy was last modified on March 1st 2017.