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7 April 2017

41st regular meeting of the Supervisory Board of NLB

Today, on 7 April 2017, the Supervisory Board of NLB met at its 41st regular meeting and approved the convocation of the 28th General Meeting of Shareholders of NLB and the related material. In addition to the Report of the NLB Supervisory Board for the General Meeting, the Supervisory Board members also approved the Annual Report of the NLB Group for 2016. The Supervisory Board proposed to the General Meeting of Shareholders to allocate the NLB’s distributable profit for 2016 totalling EUR 63.78 million to NLB’s sole shareholder, the Republic of Slovenia, for the second consecutive year, which implies a gross dividend of EUR 3.189 per share.

Members also acknowledged the progress of NLB’s privatisation, which is in line with the agreed timeline and recommendations made by the advisors assisting in the planned sales procedure. NLB is fully committed to carrying out all the necessary procedures for a successful completion of the process. The preliminary estimates of the operations in the first quarter of the year show a continuation of very good trends in Slovenia and in all strategic banks in SE Europe. In terms of performance, NLB is well prepared for privatisation. The process is not expected to have any impact on the implementation of the NLB’s business strategy.

As usual, the Supervisory Board also acknowledged the reports of the Committees of the Supervisory Board and issued its approvals for the transactions, as required.

Supervisory Board of the NLB