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11. maj 2023
The Group achieved EUR 120.1 million in profit after tax in the first quarter, a growth of 74% QoQ.
10. maj 2023
Please note that this year, NLB is planning to pay out EUR 110 million in dividends in two tranches.
13. apr 2023
In 2022, we have created many better footprints for today, as demonstrated in the NLB Group Annual Report 2022, as well as for tomorrow, reflected in the NLB Group Sustainability Report 2022, both published today.

Bankarium, the Museum of Banking in Slovenia, presents the banking heritage in the Slovene territory from as early as 1820 to the present day. 

NLB became the first bank in Slovenia to join more than 180 banks from all over the world, signatories of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Banking. 

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