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Why should I join NLB?

We are responsible mentors to our employees

We will take care of your professional and personal development with training. We have the largest employee training centre, which for more than 40 years has been providing additional training to our employees at home and abroad.

We promote local and international career development

We enable you to gain valuable experience and knowledge. As our employee, you have the possibility of changing your field of work and we also offer you the opportunity to work in one of our companies abroad.

We reward our employees’ achievements

We have a standard performance evaluation and remuneration system and if you exceed the set goals, you are also rewarded financially for your achievements.

You can use a number of benefits for employees

We are a family friendly company, within which the bank’s sports association also operates, and we also attach great importance to health. We organise workshops as part of the Healthy Bank where every employee may find the contents that suit them.

We believe that young people are the future of the world

We pay special attention to young novices. 

You will be working in a socially responsible company

Our responsibility has been proven by the number of implemented projects and we are also among the best employers, which is why we were awarded the prestigious international TOP EMPLOYER certificate.

We are Top Employer.

Our excellent work with employees is confirmed by the international certificate TOP EMPLOYER, awarded to the Bank in 2024 for the ninth year in a row. This certificate confirms the excellence of HR practices and work possibilities for the employees according to the global international standards. 


For the ninth year in a row.

Current vacancies

Description of the employment procedure:


Publish a vacancy by various channels



  • on the NLB website (the preferred option is that the candidate creates his/her profile)
  • enclose CV and Motivational Letter

NLB to screen and select candidates (can vary depending on job profile)

  • review qualifications against job requirements
  • invite to job interview

Interviews and Performance Assessment

  • job interviews (several rounds possible)
  • psychological testing and practical assignments
  • select the best candidate – inform about the selection


share insights into NLB life to make the new environment easier to understand


Medical exam and submit evidence on meeting the conditions required to do the job





start structured onboarding


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The Family-friendly Company Certificate

We are available 24 hours a day, every day of the year!