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What is eNLaB?

NLB Group is constantly searching for new and better ways of solving customers' financial needs, within as well as outside the traditional borders of the financial services industries. To do this effectively, it has created eNLaB for finding new ambitious partners to join the Group in bringing novel use cases and business solutions to market. This includes a wide range of opportunities, from mature tried and true products and services to prototypes that still need to be validated or scaled.  

Within this platform we are especially looking for opportunities in (and across) the areas of:

Credit underwriting

Regulatory technology

Payments and digital banking services

FIG enterprise technology

Web3 and blockchain technology

Personal finance and asset management

Whether you are an established multinational corporation or a startup team in seed stage, eNLaB can be your first point of contact for starting your cooperation’s with NLB Group. It is an end-to-end platform for building an innovative vendor relationship or business partnership, establishing a joint venture, or obtaining an equity investment.

Why choose NLB Group?

NLB Group’s financial expertise and business network provide a great platform for testing, scaling, and deploying tech products and services with a financial services element. It serves more than 1.5m corporate and retail customers in 6 countries through more than 400 branches as well as standalone digital distribution channels. It is one of the leading banking groups in South-East Europe, by market share as well as brand recognition. It can provide its partners wide-ranging support, from funding and liquidity to market and industry insights and guiding the partner’s team towards achieving the next milestone on their journey.

In addition, the eNLaB innovation channel aids the NLB Group in setting up and supporting partner projects in a structure best suiting to their individual needs. It further facilitates cooperation in accordance and within the principles of agile testing and blitz-scaling of validated solutions.

Book a call now by filling in the form or obtain a referral through one of the Innovation Leads listed below:

  • Hedvika Usenik, Management Board Member
  • Antonio Argir, Management Board Member
  • Jiří Truhlář, Assistant to Management Board, CIO
  • Marko Jerič, Assistant to Management Board
  • Vesna Vodopivec, Assistant to Management Board
  • Ivan Tomić, Director of Strategy and Business Development
  • Rok Praprotnik, Director of Compliance and Integrity
  • Samo Kolavčič, Director of Retail Credit Risk
  • Matej Podlesnik, Head of Strategy development
  • Jan Kuštra, Strategy Advisor

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