NLB Proklik

Enables simple and transparent financial transactions.

Upgrade your version!
Upgrade to the version of NLB Proklik (October 2023) - single-user exe (220 MB)

In the new version, support for new certificates has been added.

This version is suitable for users with the appropriate Microsoft Windows 10 and 11 operating system.For other operating systems, you need to install the appropriate emulation to run Win OS. For older operating systems (Microsoft Windows 7 and 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP...) Microsoft does not offer technical support, so we cannot guarantee proper operation.

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  • Faster - 24/7 operations.
  • Cheaper - lower fees for placing orders.
  • More transparent - regular insights into the balance, statements and transactions on the business account.
  • More effective - electronic statements, exchange of data with accounting software.
  • Secure - transactions and identification of the user with a smart card.
  • Comfortable - work using a PC or laptop at the office, at home or abroad.
  • Longer timetable for payments.

What do you need

  • an agreement with the Bank, an open business account and a completed form for using e-banking,
  • a personal computer with the Windows WIN 7, WIN 8 or WIN 10,
  • a link to the bank server via the Internet,
  • the software for NLB Proklik - all manual for the first installation or upgrade the version and other necessary setup programmes for correct functioning you can find here,
  • a smart card or smart USB key,
  • a smart card reader with an appropriate connection depending on the PC type. A list of merchants offering readers and other protective equipment.


  • payments in domestic and foreign currencies with value date of 180 days in advance;
  • overview of the balance and transactions in all accounts, business cards and securities;
  • overview and export of all types of statements;
  • use of SEPA bulk payments and SEPA direct debits;
  • use of e-invoices and other e-documents as issuer and receiver;
  • overview of e-notifications on banking operations;
  • receipt of SMS messages upon payments via NLB Proklik;
  • management of cash assets of associated companies abroad.


Depending on your business needs and number of users, you can choose between two different programme versions:

  • NLB Proklik – Personal: The basic version suitable for most companies and sole proprietors. It is intended for use on a single workstation or several workstations where each workstation uses its local database that is not linked with other databases.

Each user is identified by their own smart card. Several authorised persons can work on a single workstation, i.e. through the NLB Proklik - Personal. The version is appropriate for operations with all banks using the Hal E-bank solution.

  • NLB Proklik – Corporate: Suitable for companies wanting to have several work posts equipped with e-banking. 

The corporate version uses a central relational database for the company's electronic banking (DB2 database) accessible from all work posts. All authorised persons of the company connected to the central database use a common directory of recipient accounts. Each user is identified by their own smart card. The version is appropriate for operations with all banks using the Hal E-bank solution.

  • Other possibilities
  • NLB Proklik – WEB: Supplements the setup version and enables the signing of payment orders from a remote location via the Internet for individual business accounts used for working in NLB Proklik. The persons authorised for signing can, by activating the WEB function, sign payment orders partly or in full by using an Internet connection.
  • NLB Proklik - B2B: Suitable for companies with a large volume of payment orders and wanting an automatic data exchange between the company's accounting software and the Bank. Each user is identified by their own smart card.

How secure is it?

NLB provides its users of the Proklik NLB electronic banking channel a connection to the electronic banking server via their own entry point. This connection to the bank server can be made via a call network, modem access or the Internet.

Golden Rules for Safe Operations via NLB Proklik

  • Every authorised person should use his/her own Smart Card/USB for operating the NLB Proklik. The qualified digital certificate installed on the Smart Card/USB is specifically issued in the first and last name of that authorised person. It is his/her electronic personal ID used for electronic signing of payment orders sent via the NLB Proklik.
  • Do not leave your Smart Card/USB in the PC unattended. Insert the Smart Card/USB in the PC only when you actually use the NLB Proklik for doing business. When you have finished working with the NLB Proklik close the programme and remove the Smart Card/USB from the PC and store it in a safe place.
  • The PIN and password should be known exclusively to the owner of the Smart Card/USB. Change the PIN at least once a month.
  • Do not keep the Smart Card/USB, PIN and password together in the same place.
  • Give access to the PC where the NLB Proklik is installed exclusively to the authorised persons that you have selected.
  • Avoid "remote" PC operations. When you send the PC for repair do not entrust the person that is repairing your PC with the use of your Smart Card/USB. If this person helps you operate and upgrade the NLB Proklik never leave the PC unattended and always enter the PIN and the password yourself.

Safe bussines beetwen Bank and the user

We have taken care of the security of transactions carried out using NLB Proklik by introducing encoded messages and the electronic signing of messages sent between the Bank and the user. Both the Bank and the user use the double-key methodology and the methodology of permanent cryptographic messages for encoding messages and applying electronic signatures. For protecting its networks the Bank uses software and hardware, a so-called firewall.

User identification and electronic signatures are carried out by means of smart cards which are currently regarded as the highest level of protection in the area of commercial transactions. The name of the holder is embossed on such a smart card while the record on the card contains data about the holder in the form of a qualified digital certificate in accordance with the PKI standards. If you lose the smart card or if the person who found or stole it tries to use it, the card locks down after three entries of the incorrect PIN.


Nevertheless, it is also up to you, the users, to secure your transactions via the NLB Proklik electronic bank. You must prevent access to your smart card, personal password, digital certificate and private key by unauthorised persons. You should therefore carefully guard the protective elements of NLB Proklik!

All users receive the One-for-All smart card/USB key for secure transactions via NLB Proklik of Nova Ljubljanska banka. An advanced qualified digital certificate for legal entitles is installed on the smart card/USB key. The company's legal representative or an entrepreneur can order the One-for-All smart card/key for use with NLB Proklik.

Basic information

  • A single infrastructure of public keys can be used for all e-banking of banks using the Hal E-bank solution.
  • The qualified certificate on the card gives the user the opportunity to work with secure electronic portals (e-Administration, e-Taxes, KDD, Intrastat, Employment Service of Slovenia, AJPES, eVem).
  • The methodology of double keys and permanent encryption is used for secure data exchanges between the Bank and the user.

Main advantages

  • Secure identification.
  • Electronic signing.
  • The company's authorised person can use one card/key to manage cash and monitor transactions on all accounts of the company opened with banks using the Hal E-bank e-banking solution


You can order a smart card/USB key at outlets of Nova Ljubljanska banka d.d.. Smart card/USB key with a qualified digital certificate valid for three years are made at the certification agency Halcom CA on the basis of an application submitted to the Bank.

The application for issuing/replacement is submitted to your business or operational custodian at the NLB; the custodian shall perform an identification on the basis of a personal identification document of the company's legal representative and an enclosed copy of an entry in a register (Companies Register, Business Register etc) that is not older than 60 days.

The company's authorised persons can, on the basis of competencies granted by the company's legal representative, perform domestic and international payment transactions and manage cash on accounts (International Cash Management) of associated domestic and foreign companies.


The validity of a qualified digital certificate will begin to expire from 1 March 2007 for users who received the new One-for-All smart cards from 1 March 2004 onwards. The card/key user can renew the certificate for a further three years on the same smart card/key. The simple renewal procedure over the Internet is only possible up until the date and time when the old qualified certificate on the card/key remains valid. The user carries out the entire procedure on the corporate website of the certification agency Halcom CA. See FAQ for NLB Proklik for more information.

The renewing of the qualified digital certificate

The qualified certificate can only be renewed once on the same card/key; after six years have elapsed a new card/key has to be ordered.

Price List

You can order One-for-All smart card/USB key at the NLB and banks of the NLB Group. If you order your card/key directly from the Halcom CA or other banks, the price will be higher.

The type of order

Price (including VAT)

New smart card - order in NLB

80,00 EUR

Renewal of qualified digital certificate on the same smart card - Internet order

50,02 EUR

Renewal of qualified digital certificate on a new smart card - Internet order

66,09 EUR

New USB smart key - order in NLB

95,00 EUR

Renewal of gualified digital certificate on the same USB smart key - Internet order

50,02 EUR

Renewal of gualified digital certificate on a new USB smart key - Internet order

79,30 EUR


To simplify the use of NLB Proklik – select a manual with text and photos for individual area and get to know better the activity you want to carry out.

Instructions manual for work with NLB Proklik:


Tools and settings

Address book


Cross border payments

Review of balances, transactions and statements

Remote signing

Work with Files


Direct debit SEPA

Refusals and Mandates SDD

Notices and messages

Digital certificates "One for all"

CardsRejected SDD ordersMass payments SEPASecuritiesE-Notices


Would you like become a user? Are you an active user and would like to change your profile data, data on authorised persons or work authorisations? Have you decided to use new functionalities? Click on the suitable form, complete it, print it, sign it and submit it to your account manager or branch office which manages your business account. 

Forms for work with NLB Proklik:

Application for NLB ProklikAuthorisation for using NLB ProklikChanges in using NLB Proklik for the companyChanges in using NLB Proklik for authorized person/legal representativeApplication for NLB Proklik SMS Service

Application for a digital certificate for authorised person Main order form


NLB Proklik - version (October 2023)

Install NLB Proklik on your computer, on which you should have installed Microsoft Windows Win7, Win8, Win8.1 or Win10 with internet access. The previously installed version of NLB Proklik must be closed before the upgrade process.


Welcome in electronic bank NLB Proklik!

Type of installation

Installation steps

First installation 

For first installation on computer follow the steps described in the Short guide to first installation of personal version.


We recommend that you make the upgrade in NLB Proklik by selecting Help – Software upgrade on the top toolbar. The upgrade can also be made by downloading the upgrade application from the NLB web portal.

The description of the steps is available in the Short guide to personal version upgrade. 


The first installation or upgrade of a Corporate version should be made by a qualified person. The installation has to be made at all authorised persons of the company. All authorised persons have to use the same version.

Type of installation

Installation steps

First installation

Connect with the company Halcom d.d.,  which provides the supply of all necessary software for servers and computers. 


  • telephone number: +386 1 200 33 69 every worling day from 8.00 a.m. to 16.30 p.m.
  • e-mail:

The following is required:

  • installation of the database server software IBM DB2 UDB Universal Database Express Edition-C,
  • installation of software at authorised persons for work with a common base (IBM DB2 client) and NLB Proklik-Corporate,
  • suitable configuration of all software and mutual connections.

Please note:

  • at the time of upgrade, NLB Proklik application must be closed at all authorised persons,
  • the upgrade at the first user differs from all further upgrades at other authorised persons.

Short guide to corporate version upgrade.

What is new in NLB Proklik version

In the new version, support for new certificates has been added.

More information about new version is avaliable in NLB Proklik Help / Suggestions.

Technical support schedule change

We would like to inform you that as of 1 December 2022, the technical support schedule for NLB Proklik users is changing. The new technical support schedule is Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Become a user


Submit order

Submit the following documents to your relationship manager or the branch office which manages your business account:

Application for using NLB ProklikAuthorisation for using NLB ProklikApplication for a qualified digital certificateMain order form for a qualified digital certificate


Would you like to become our client? Visit the nearest branch office.


Next step

After submitting the order, carry out the following steps:

  • You will receive a price quotation for the payment of the qualified digital certificate on a card/key from Halcom CA.
  • After payment, you will receive the card/key by mail and corresponding safety elements via e-mail.
  • Together with the card/key you will receive the certificate of authenticity of the digital certificate. Complete the form with the requested information and bring it to the bank as soon as possible.
  • After we receive the certificate, we will activate your e-bank.


Transactions through NLB Proklik are cheaper than at the Bank's outlets. The entrance fee for NLB Proklik equals 30.00 EUR. You  need a USB smart key or smart card One for all and a card reader to use NLB Proklik, which can be bought off the shelf.

The processing fee for payment orders submitted via NLB Proklik is lower than the fee paid at the counter because of the automated processing involved. A comparison of prices for e-banking and paper payment orders over the counter shows that e-banking is roughly 50% cheaper. 

Extract from the NLB Tariff

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