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Taking good care of employees

We pay attention to the education of our employees and are committed to high quality standards.

The NLB pays great attention to education of its employees and is committed to high quality standards as an ever-learning organisation. Employees undergo training with the help of experts and transfer their knowledge to other employees.

Health and satisfaction of employees play an important role in our company. Therefore, we carry out the so-called health programme in the scope of which we try to cover all key elements of wellbeing: physical, emotional and mental. We organise different activities, such as sports games of the NLB Group, healthy life workshops, stress management, specialised medical examinations, etc.

We have obtained the full Family-Friendly Company certificate which enables the employees to benefit from additional bonuses and family-friendly measures. We are proud that most of our employees appreciate and use these bonuses.

We are proud that as much as

97 %

of our training courses are organised internally (with our own experts and external lecturers).

We are available 24 hours a day, every day of the year!