Sustainability and corporate social responsibility Annual reports

NLB Group embarked on the path of intensive integration of sustainability into its operations, so in 2020 we prepared an extensive sustainability program and also first NLB Group sustainability report. In previous years, we issued annual reports on social responsibility.

In 2010 NLB d.d. adopted the Social and Environmental Policy of the NLB, which stipulates the Bank's social role. Thus it joined the circle of public and private financial institutions demonstrating particular awareness about their active interaction with the local and the broader social environments. In its relations with clients, business partners, employees and other members of the NLB Group, the NLB is committed to following the principles of its social and environmental policy to improve the quality of life of its employees and the broader social environment as well as to ensure sustainable development. Sustainable development encompasses the notion of prosperity which, in addition to the balanced economic and financial development of the Bank, also includes advancement in social, societal and environmental welfare, with an emphasis on preserving equal opportunities for future generations.

The formal framework for the principles and commitments is the rule of law of the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union. These two form the basis for our orientation, and by implementing them we are working toward more than mere compliance with the legal requirements. This is the reason we have formulated our social and environmental policy as such, which serves as a guide for all our activities in this area. In 2011 all of the banks in the NLB Group approved the Social and Environmental Policy.

NLB Group Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

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