NLB Investor Day brought together global investors, analysts, financial experts and key regional businessmen

May 12, 2022

“Welcome to our home, welcome to the region of opportunities,” was the key message of the first Investor Day NLB d.d. hosted today in Belgrade, Serbia, attracting more than 150 key investors from all over the world, financial experts, analysts, CEOs of this region’s key companies such as Atlantic Grupa, MK Group, Petrol, Fortenova, Alkaloid AD Skopje, Delta Holding, Comtrade System Integration and many more who are writing this region’s successful stories.

NLB has onboarded the journey of raising awareness and recognition of the region in the eyes and hearts of global investors by listing shares at Ljubljana and London Stock Exchanges in November 2018, today however, our objective is wider, explained NLB’s CEO Blaž Brodnjak while welcoming the guests.
“Besides introducing ourselves and our strategic priorities, we invited reputable speakers and panellists to share with us their views, experience and enthusiasm to demonstrate that our region really is full of opportunities and will rather sooner than later win the deserved attention and even more productive investment, keeping our most talented people here,” he explained.

Among others Petrol’s CFO Matija Bitenc, Vice President of MK Group and Board Member of AEC Banking Group Aleksandar Kostić, CEO of Comtrade System Integration Dušan Milićević, CEO of Fortenova Fabris Peruško, Member of the Executive Board of Delta Holding Andrej Sovrović, CEO of Atlantic Grupa Emil Tedeschi and CEO of Alkaloid AD Skopje Živko Mukaetov joined the event and shared their view on the region of South-eastern Europe, the region of opportunities.

“We are demonstrating that business does neither know, nor accepts borders, as we have brought together the leaders of some of the most meaningful businesses from four regional countries, partly even competing. We sincerely believe that the only appropriate response to the ever-bigger divide is rather connecting and coopeting,” emphasized NLB’s CEO.

His thoughts were echoed by Marko Čadež, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia, who emphasized that a united region could work wonders. According to him, regional cooperation is an adequate response to future challenges. “We can utilize the opportunity to attract new foreign investments in the best way only if we work together, if we work as one region, one economy, as a common regional market and a singular investment destination," he emphasized.

President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia also pointed out the importance of interconnection in economic integrations, which is something that Richard Grieveson, Deputy Director at Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies, also sees as a great opportunity for the region. He considers the region of South-eastern Europe to be very resilient and with great potential, especially in terms of EU accession.

NLB joins Zero Banking Alliance

During the first Investor Day, NLB d.d. Management Board also presented NLB Group business results in Q1 2022, more importantly however, NLB d.d. joined United nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative Net Zero Banking Alliance that brings together banks worldwide representing over 40% of global banking assets, which are committed to aligning their lending and investment portfolios with net-zero emissions by 2050.

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