NLB Group's international public call for young artists is open

February 15, 2024

NLB Group invites young artists from Southeast Europe to submit their works in the field of intermedia art to an international public call. Artists under the age of 35 can apply until 21st March 2024. The winning artwork will be purchased by the NLB Group and exhibited in the Bankarium Gallery in Ljubljana together with the best works from public call. 

The NLB Group is not only a leading banking and financial group with its headquarters and exclusive strategic interest in Southeast Europe, but also an important supporter and patron of regional culture and art. The NLB MUZA, NLB's cultural heritage program consists of art and museum collections as well as museums and galleries of the NLB Group. The SEE Art collection, which was founded in January 2023, is part of the NLB MUZA program. By ordering, purchasing, presenting and promoting contemporary art, the NLB Group is becoming its main supporter and partner in Southeast Europe.

Who can apply?

We invite young artists from Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Kosovo to submit their works of art in the field of intermedial art created in the last five years. A maximum of five works of art will be selected for the first opening exhibition of the Bankarium Gallery in Ljubljana, and the winning work will be purchased for the SEE Art Collection.

More information about the international public call is

Proposals submitted to this public call will be evaluated by a five-member international expert commission composed of:

  • Tevž Logar, independent curator, editor and writer, president of the NLB Art Council;
  • Maja Kolarić, art historian, curator and director of the Belgrade Museum of Contemporary Art, member of the NLB Art Council;
  • Mira Gačina, art historian and critic, curator, member of the NLB Art Council;
  • Ana Herman, communications project manager at NLB; and
  • Matko Mioč, director, NLB Cultural Heritage.

What we are looking for?

We are looking for works of art that fit the concept of the SEE art collection, which represents the different cultures, identities and memories that have shaped our shared history in the South East Europe region over time. The collection aims to improve the understanding and knowledge of different cultural and social environments, to promote tolerance and diversity, and at the same time to give birth to new sustainable ideas and actions with various expressions of contemporary art. The new art collection offers an authentic and unique artistic experience, inspires and motivates, serves as a reflection of society and the environment, and plays an active role in enforcing ideas about premonitions of the future.

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