NLB Mobile Branch Bank&Go: 3, 2, 1 – Go! To 36 places across Slovenia

March 22, 2021

There are days when we are just happy, and this is one of those days. Our NLB mobile branch Bank&Go namely started fulfilling its mission: with its modern design and in the hands of our excellent banking advisers, it brings our services, knowledge and skills, experience and advice to 36 places across Slovenia.  

NLB mobile branch Bank&Go has risen to the challenge and made its premiere stop in Črna na Koroškem today, proudly showcasing its hi-tech solutions, which together with the knowledge and skills of our advisers make an excellent combination for what it does best – shortens the distance between the bank and its customers to familiarize them with high-quality services and digital solutions.

“It is an honour for me to witness today, on behalf of NLB, the solution designed by NLB with our customers in our minds. We want to help them, understand their wishes and needs, so that we can offer them services that will make their banking operations easier,” said Tanja Ahlin, General Manager of NLB Distribution Network at the launch of the NLB mobile branch Bank&Go. “With the new mobile branch, we are closer to people, closer to our tradition. We have combined the best of both worlds, modern and traditional, as customer satisfaction means a lot to us. More and more people opt to perform their banking services online, nevertheless, some are, for various reasons, still not prepared for digital banking. This is why over time we would like to encourage them and teach them how to use their mobile phones to take care of every banking errand for which they would otherwise visit our mobile branch”.         

NLB mobile branch Bank&Go will, from now on, visit 36 places in Slovenia following this timeline, and bring our services closer to those, who are not yet completely comfortable to rely solely on digital solutions. As we put health of our customers and employees first and follow the recommendations imposed by the relevant authorities consistently, visitors are asked not to forget about the preventive measures: wear a protective mask, disinfect your hands, maintain a safe distance, and enter the branch one by one.         

To find out more about the timetable and the latest updates on the NLB mobile branch, please visit

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