1971, akril, olje, platno, 145 x 181 cm

Protection of cultural heritage

We are proud owners of real estate categorised as cultural monuments of national or local significance, and our mobile collections of cultural heritage have been declared Slovenia's national treasures.  

By decorating our business premises with the works of art, respecting the history of banking and collecting baking technology and at the same time supporting talented artists we are among the companies taking care of our cultural heritage and thus enriching Slovenia.

Our collections of mobile cultural heritage - NLB Art Collection, NLB Museum Collection of Banking Items and NLB Numismatic Collection - were declared Slovenia’s national treasures in October 2018.

In the Avla Gallery at Trg republike we have been organising exhibitions of various artists since 1971.

NLB Art Collection comprises

2294 items.

NLB Museum Collection of Banking Items comprises

315 items.

We also have the NLB Numismatic Collection which comprises more than


items of memorial and collectors' coins and banknotes.

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