Raising the awareness on rational use of energy products

Raising the awareness helps with the realisation that every individual significantly contributes to streamlined use of energy products.


It is recommended to limit the heating in winter to 20°C – 22°C, and the air conditioning in summer to above 25°C. Every degree above these recommendations results not only in the carbon footprint, but also in more than 5% higher costs of heating respectively air conditioning. Air conditioning that creates a temperature in the room that is more than 7°C lower that the outdoor temperature is harmful to health.

Saving water

Being aware that up to 20 litres of water come out of an open tap, we contribute to more rational consumption of water at workplace. It is responsible to inform the competent departments of a leaking tap or toilet cistern. It has been determined that a dripping tap can lead to 50 litres of water loss per day.

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