Prepaid card

NLB Prepaid Mastercard

NLB Prepaid Mastercard is not a credit or debit card, so you can only spend the amount that you load on to the card. Prepaid card is perfectly designed for those who share money abroad regularly and those who need a more secure way to manage their wages or benefits. 

Credit and revolving cards

Gold Mastercard 

Gold Mastercard is a international credit card for those who are ready to upgrade their benefits and purchasing power. Put your strong credit to work and enjoy recognition, benefits, and protection for whatever you buy and wherever you go. 


Mastercard credit card can be used for all types of payment, large or small, at points of sales or online, in Slovenia or abroad. 


Visa credit card gives you the convenience and security to make payment in stores and online or get cash at ATMs. You can use it in Slovenia and abroad. 


Karanta credit card can be used for payment in over 20.000 points of sales in Slovenia.

Mastercard and Karanta

Mastercard and Karanta revolving cards are for individuals that truly care for the budget. They offer perfect micro-loan with monthly repayment of only 33 % or 20 %.