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Design exhibition by Milan Trenc

24. March - 12. May 2011

Milan Trenc was born in Zagreb in 1962. He holds a degree in graphic art and film direction from the Zagreb Academy of Dramatic Arts. While still a student he began publishing comic strips in Mladina and other publications. On graduating, he began working for Zagreb Film.From 1985 until moving to New York in 1991, he was chief illustrator on Start magazine. In the USA his comic strips appeared in the legendary magazine Heavy Metal, while he also created more than 1,000 illustrations and covers for prominent American newspapers and magazines such as Time, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The New Yorker, Business Week, Fortune, The Washington Post, etc.

He has made several films, including the animated film The Big Time (1989), which was shown at the London Film Festival and is today considered a classic work of the Zagreb School, the television film Ghost Story (1989), the anthology film Zen Stories (2000), which was shown at the Motovun Film Festival, and the animated films Elephant Goes to Kindergarten (2009) and Loneliness (2010). He wrote the children's book The Night at the Museum (2003), which in 2006 became a big-budget Hollywood film. He has won awards from Print magazine (1993) and the Society of Publication Designers (2003) for his illustrations. Since 2004 he has taught animation and direction in the Department of Animated Film and New Media at the Zagreb Academy of Fine Arts. He also publishes illustrations in the Croatian and foreign press and is currently preparing a new animated film and children's book.



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