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Registration closes on
09 November 2021, at 23:59


Do you have what it takes to compete with the best programmers, innovative teams and fintechs?

Technology innovations and digitalization have radically changed the landscape of financial services. But amid all the disruption, our customer`s financial needs remain the same. We make purchases every day, we are trying to invest smartly, we take out housing loans and car lease, we need insurance ... Whichever way we look, making financial decisions still remains at the centre of our daily lives. Therefore we invite you to join the hackathon and let`s shape the future of banking together! 

This is your chance to work on a real life customer`s problems, improve your skill set, learn from best open finance professionals, participate in round-table discussions with renowned experts and leading European fintechs and hack your way to the top of the hackathon leader board!

Encourage yourself to compete with your peers, leading business developers and programming experts, as well as innovative fintech in NLB Group Hackathon – Open Finance and receive the chance to join one of the best financial companies in the region or even win one of the cash prizes reward (the competition cash prizes reward totalling of 10.000 €). Or simply just experience the thrill of a fast developing Open finance ecosystem!

The NLB Hackathon - Open Finance wants to contribute to an open finance ecosystem, to transform our industry and make financial world a little bit better place.

Hit the registration button now, join us at the NLB Hackathon – Open Finance and let's shape the future of banking together!




This is your chance to:

  • work on a real life bank customer's problem, 
  • present your new ideas or already designed digital solutions,
  • learn from Open Finance professionals and fintech managers,
  • join one of the best financial companies in the region,
  • win one of the competition cash prizes rewards totalling of 10.000 € 
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     Winners and Prizes

     There are two categories of winners:

     (1)   Category Entrante Individual and Team

     (2)   Category Entrante Organization


     For each categoriy there are different gross value prize.


     The prizes to be awarded to the winners are provided as gross value totalling EUR 10.000.


     Prizes for Category Entrante Individual and Team

        • a first place prize in gross value totalling EUR 6.000

        • a second place prize in gross value totalling EUR 1.250

        • a third place prize in gross value totalling EUR 750


     Prize for Category Entrante Organization

        • a first place prize in gross value totalling EUR 2.000  


  • and participate in round-table discussions with renowned experts → learn who they are here
Round table #1: Open Finance - What the future brings for banking and financial services?
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Topic discussed:

  • How will banking and financial service landscape shift under changes in Open Finance?
  • How access of alternative data can transform the consumer experience?
  • How to create amazing reward winning app or how to build best fintech company?


Expert Presenters:

  • Jiri Truhlar (Chief Information Officer at NLB d.d.)

  • Vito Gosar (Head of distribution Channels, NLB d.d.)

  • Simon  Steinman (deputy CEO – MbillS, E mOney and Payment Sevices, Ltd.)

  • Matic Bitenc (Co-founder & CEO Toshl Finance) 

Find out more on round tables here

Round table #2: Risks and opportunities of Open Finance - Technical challenges and security dilemmas!
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Topic discussed

  • Technology challenges: limiting factor or accelerator of an open finance strategy?
  • Operational standards 
  • API security: limiting factor or accelerator of an open finance strategy?
  • Open Finance and Vulnerability
  • Security dillemas for customers and bank


Expert Presenters:

  • Dejan Pust (IT Delivery Unit manager, NLB d.d)

  • Nebojša Varoščić (Group IT Security Director, NLB d.d.)

  • Petr Dvorak (CEO Wultra s.r.o.)

  • Tomas Synek (Division director, Adastra Group)

  • Pierre-Alexandre Boulay  (Head of Enterprise Sales Backbase Ltd) 


Find out more on round tables here.


Registration Period: 
The registration for Hackathon opens on 25 October 2021 (at 12:00 CET) and closes on 9 November 2021 (at 23.59 CET). 

Competition Period:
The competition part of Hackathon is going to take place from 12 November 2021 (from 12:00  CET) until 29 November 2021 (closing at 23:59 CET inclusive), in a virtual environment of the MS Teams application. 

You may find a more detailed timeline of events here


Hackhaton is going to take place in a virtual environment of the MS Teams application. Please read General Terms and Conditions.

Who can participate?

We welcome game changers, entrepreneurs, developers, basement hackers, university students, enthusiasts, creative people and “geeks” in FinTech, InsureTech, RegTech, AI, UX designers, coders, idea generators, marketeers, mad scientists ... You get the idea. So, you are kindly welcome as well.

Hackathon is open to Individuals, Teams of individuals and Organizations who meet the following conditions:

  • participants are at least 18 years old
  • and complete registration procedure described here.

We kindly invite you to register for the Hackathon by clicking: 

Registration for Individuals

Registration for Teams

Registration for Organizations

What challenge lies ahead? 

Problem statement

How can a digital solution (application) help customers to simplify their financial life or keep their finance in a better shape? 

Theme: Open Finance 

Open Finance is based on data-sharing principles, using data from multiple sources beyond banking. It connects banks, financial services, third-parties and technical providers – enabling them to simply and securely exchange data to their customers’ benefit and brings an opportunity for bank to be present wherever a customer might need it while offering via third partner provider the best custom-tailored products and services.

APIs are the way to integrate different banking and finance services into our lives and make them available anytime and anywhere. In order to build amazing apps and services, you need access to rich financial data and actionable insights. 
NLB is embracing Open Finance opportunities to improve customer experience, generate new revenue streams, and innovate and strategically transform core services for increasingly tech-savvy customers to capitalize on the true potential of transparency.

We are looking for

… a brilliant business idea for a product or service based on the Open Finance approach that has value for the end-user, substantial market demand, is innovative and has a great revenue potential for the bank and developer.

An innovative business model with commercial viability and business potential that can generate new customers and revenues. 

A modern solution - web and/or mobile application or at least a coded minimum viable prototype (coded MVPr) based on Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), that could help shape new types of services which would solve our customers’ problems (individual persons and/or SMEs).

We would like to find the best coded solutions and suggestions on additional APIs that will enable us and other providers (fintech) to create solutions that would address our customers’ problems in the following segments using Open Finance data:  Financial Management, Financial Planning and Wealth Management, Protecting Seniors’ Financial Health, Personalized Financial Advice and many, many others.

Here are just a few examples:

  • An app used by digital financial advisors to help customers take better financial decisions.

  • An innovative app that provides guidance that helps users save and spend their money wisely to pursue and reach their financial goals. 

  • An app that can aggregate and analyze investors’ assets and debts making personalized investment decisions based on their life goals and risk tolerance, with comparison to their peers or general market.

  • Other opportunities and ideas on how to use Open Finance to support people and companies or other vulnerable communities in vulnerable circumstances.

Needed project deliveries 

A fully working web and/or mobile application that connects to the sandbox by their choice and uses the API to set up or at least coded minimum viable prototype (coded MVPr) showing customer interaction and fits into the category of Open finance (Banking, Lending, Insurance, Asset Management, Wealth Management, Unsecured Lending, Mortgage, Pensions, Real Estate, Leasing and  others.

A PDF summary that includes problem statement which clearly states the pain point(s) of the solution, description of proposed functionality, technology used and short and simple business model.

A short demonstration Video of your Project


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