Announcement of Takeover Intention Notification

February 11, 2021

Pursuant to the provisions of the Recommendations of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange to public companies and to ensure equal information for all stakeholders and publishing of information in a way that is indiscriminate, Nova Ljubljanska banka, d.d., Ljubljana, hereby publishes the following notice:

On 11 February 2021, in daily newspaper Politika (newspaper that is regularly distributed on entire territory of Serbia), NLB d.d., Ljubljana has published Takeover Intention Notification for acquisition of:

  • all remaining regular shares of Komercijalna banka a.d., Beograd; ISIN RSKOBBE16946 at the point of publishing not in NLB‘s ownership (2,820,270 shares or 16.77% of this class of shares) and

  • all priority shares of Komercijalna banka a.d., Beograd; ISIN RSKOBBE19692 (373,510 or 100% of this class of shares)

NLB’s takeover intention states that it intends to submit Takeover Approval Request to Serbian Securities Exchange Commission (“SEC”) within a period of 15 business days and publish Takeover Bid immediately (latest the next following day) after obtaining the corresponding approval from SEC.

NLB Communications

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