The Finalists of the NLB Group #FrameOfHelp Project are selected

November 15, 2022

If we can judge by the enthusiasm, ideas and innovation of the companies participating in the NLB Group’s #FrameOFHelp project this year, we have nothing to fear for a sustainable future. As many as 300 companies from six markets participated in the project, with which the main banking group in South-Eastern Europe is looking for sustainable solutions to the challenges of the future. The jury has selected 10 finalists from each market, who, among other things, also compete for sponsorship financial resources with which they will be able to implement their ideas.

In its third instalment of the #FrameOfHelp project, the NLB Group offered an opportunity to enthusiasts who, through their activities and solutions, contribute to the achievement of at least one of the seventeen sustainable development goals of the United Nations, and follow the guidelines of the NLB Group’s Sustainable Development Framework. In the submissions, the companies had to present their operations, projects, or proposals for sustainable transformation, while defining which component of sustainability, i.e. environmental, social or governance (ESG), they address.

Among the 300 companies that sent their submissions in all six markets where the NLB Group operates, i.e. in Slovenia, Serbia, North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Kosovo, the largest number of companies (as many as 150) presented projects with an environmental component, slightly fewer companies (119) projects with a social component, while the remaining companies addressed the governance aspect of sustainability.

There is no shortage of sustainable ideas among Slovene entrepreneurs

The largest number of entrepreneurs and companies, as many as 82, applied for participation in Slovenia.

“This year’s #FrameOfHelp showed that entrepreneurs are bravely treading the path of sustainability. We must admit that the response of the companies that applied to the tender, presented their operations and their projects, exceeded our expectations. Unlike previous years, when we supported micro, small and medium-sized companies that felt the dire consequences of the corona crisis and offered them, amongst other things, free advertising space, one of the key components this time was that companies either offer sustainable solutions or have sustainable operations, whether it is the environmental, social or governance aspect of sustainability,” explained Nataša Zemljič Pangerc, Team Leader, South-Western Region, Small and Mid-Corporates in NLB, and member of the jury that evaluated the participating projects of Slovene companies. She added: “This just proves how extremely important the aspect of sustainability is becoming, and on the other hand, how proactive and farsighted our entrepreneurs are.”

The members of the first-level jury consisting of experts from the banks in the NLB Group and a representative of Deloitte Slovenia have selected ten finalists from the submissions in each of the markets, which will be rewarded with special banking benefits as well as media coverage and presentation. In addition, the second-level regional jury will choose top three regional winners offering the best solutions for sustainability, circularity, and future challenges. Specially for them the NLB Group has set aside a sponsorship budget of EUR 100,000 (the best project will be awarded EUR 50,000, the runner-up EUR 30,000 and the second runner-up EUR 20,000), and the consulting company Deloitte will provide them with an 8-hour free-of-charge consulting service on how to successfully integrate sustainable operations into strategic and operational processes in their company.

The regional winners will be announced soon, already next week, on Thursday, 24 November.

Right Moment for Sustainable Transformation

The partners of the #FrameOfHelp project – they are, in addition to NLB and Deloitte, Mastercard, Pro plus, Bloomberg Adria and Europlakat – share the idea that together we can do things better and we can do more to make a better future for generations to come.

“We are focused on the future of this region, on opportunities that are presenting to it and can be supported by the NLB Group with our decision and services, with the way we act. It comes as no surprise that we are focusing on sustainability this time around with our #FrameOfHelp project,” said NLB’s CEO Blaž Brodnjak at the start of the project. “Sustainability in the broadest sense of the word, which covers not just the environmental but also social and governance aspect, has namely been placed at the very centre of our operations. We are extremely proud of our region of opportunities, South-Eastern Europe, and we know it has a lot to offer – from quality of life to knowledge and innovative ideas. Just look how bold and farsighted were thinkers like Tesla and Noordung. We would like to see more of this happen in the future, which is why we are looking for sustainable solutions for a better tomorrow. Because for us this region is not just a dot on the map. This is our home.”

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